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Trouble viewing home page??

Travel Forums System Talk Trouble viewing home page??

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1. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 5y

Is anyone else having this problem? The home page (for me, at least!) consists of a bunch of links that look like what I pasted in below -- just a white page and a bunch of links without any color, formatting, photos, etc.. I also cannot edit any of my draft blog postings -- the editing box is miniature and isn't loading correctly. Of course, this could all just be an evil plot by my employers to make sure I can't enjoy Travellerspoint during the workday...!

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2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4929 posts) 5y

It sounds like somehow stylesheets aren't being loaded on the homepage for you. Which browser are you using? If you're using Firefox, check in the View menu under Page Style if "Basic Page Style" is selected, rather than "No Style". (If you use Firefox 4 or 5 on windows, you'd need to first show the menu bar (right-click near the top of the screen and select the menu bar) in order to have that menu entry; the firefox button doesn't have it.)
Alternatively, try visiting the homepage over SSL on

3. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 5y

It could also be that the server that serves your stylesheets is down or out. Essentially there's a bunch around the world serving those stylesheets and if the one on your side is having probe this would also happen. In that case though it's the kind of thing I'd expect our host to have fixed within a few hours, tops.

4. Posted by prudence12 (Inactive 5 posts) 5y

I can see the homepage. ANd it looks okay.

5. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 5y

I'm using Explorer, where the only choices are "no style" or "default style." I have it set to default but the problem is still there. Any other advice is much appreciated!

6. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4929 posts) 5y

Did you try visiting the "secure" version of the site? That shouldn't load the stylesheets from one of the distributed servers which Sam is mentioning.
You could also somehow have cached corrupted stylesheets, with your browsers just not retrieving the correct ones. Try holding ctrl (or shift? I forget which one goes with IE) while pressing the reload button on the homepage.

Also, is this _only_ the homepage, or any page on travellerspoint? (Only the homepage would be very weird, and might actually point to the idea it's something in the network at work for you.)

7. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 5y

No, it's both the home page and the "my blogs" page -- I can't seem to edit or preview my blog entries properly. I'm going to ask my IT guy here at work for help, but any other suggestions in the meantime? I have a feeling it's my computer here at work since it was working fine at home this morning. Thanks all!

8. Posted by Peter (Admin 5902 posts) 5y

Try loading up this page in your browser:

If it loads up a bunch of code, then you can come back to the site and it should load ok.

If it fails, then that's the problem. Can you then try loading this file instead?

It's actually the same file served from the same place, but accessed with a different domain name. Both should work the same, but maybe there's some localised problem or maybe starting a subdomain with a number is a problem in some browsers. Not really sure, but it would definitely help to know whether those two pages load for you.

9. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 5y

Hi Peter,

The second file did download a bunch of code into a pop-up window, but then when I went back to the regular Travellerspoint site, it still didn't load properly. My IT is clueless about this (and in general) so let me know if you have any other suggestions - I'll try anything! :)

10. Posted by Peter (Admin 5902 posts) 5y

Ok, that's helpful. Can you now try this url:

The only thing I've changed is to not use a number in it. I think *maybe* that's causing your specific router or ISP to have some issues. If that file loads for you (like the second one did), then I'll update the site so it points to that file instead.