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Vaccination money saving advice for RTW trip

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1. Posted by Frey201 (Budding Member 69 posts) 5y

Hi all,
My head is kinda bursting after reading up on potential vaccinations I may need for my travels. Im going to SE Asia in October for 3 months then onto Oz, NZ, Fiji then back through South America for 3 months. Can anyone tell me in simple terms what they think i will need? I have been to the doctor and she didnt seem to know much and said id probably have to go to a travel clinic. I phoned one up and they want 20 quid just for a consultation! Does anyone have sny money saving tips when it comes to vaccinations?

Could be doing with any advice out there

2. Posted by Cazzyhugs (Budding Member 50 posts) 5y

Hey there

See you were having a similiar dilemma to me.

I'm doing 2 months in Asia starting end of October and then a year in Australia (month in NZ in between),not sure what way i'll return but would love to see India.

Anyway, after going to my nurse she advised Hep B, rabies & Japanese vaccinations. Whilst there (about a month ago) she said I could get the free Hep A & DTP right there that day so I just did it as they were also recommended. She said to phone around different chemists and travel clinics as some are quite pricey,those 3 vaccinations came in @ £400 then I heard of the travel clinic at the Western General hospital in Edinburgh and it's possible to get the same vaccs for £300 but also to pay for them as I get them so least it;s not the full whack. I have been a bit late getting advice about whether they are the best but I kinda believe they may be. It seems costs of these vaccs have gone up too. I budgeted @ £200 so was a tad annoyed when I heard i'd be paying more. The way I see it its an extra £100 more than I expected but I'd rather have peace of mind and sacrifice a few beers than to get really sick.

Hopefully this is of some help. Also, if you do phone the Western General Travel clinic there is no charge, ask for prices and an appointment and then whilst you wait they'll send you a travel form to fill out and send back. I'm certianly not looking forward to the ill feeling i'll have tomorrow, after the free vaccs I was feeling quite off for a few days and apparently these will make me feel worse but hey long term,long term! I'll also grab some maleria tabs from them before I go.

Anyway, shop around and you should get amswers.

3. Posted by kavava (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y


We are doing a pretty similar trip round the same time and were given a list by our agents on recommended immunisations - not sure if its the same as yours but we were told::
diphtheria, tetanus, hep A+B, polio, typhoid, malaria, and Japanese encephalitis.
Im just doing it thru my GP but I would rather be safe than sorry with this type of thing!

Not sure if that helps...


4. Posted by Cazzyhugs (Budding Member 50 posts) 5y

Just seen this post after my one and I should have been clearer too....some of these can be taken in one dose....

DTP - Diphtheria, tetanus & polio (which is a 3 in one injection - free one I got first)
Hep A & Typhoid (which is a 2 in 1 injection - free one I got first)

Hep B x 3 times
Rabies x 3 times
Japanese (encephalitis) x 2 times

5. Posted by kavava (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y

Ooh you just helped me out too!!

Although not excited about all these needles...

Thanks tho!