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canon eos 300d?????????

Travel Forums Travel Photography canon eos 300d?????????

1. Posted by joey22 (Travel Guru 561 posts) 11y

just wondering if someone could please give me an idea of the price of a canon eos 300d in malaysia at the moment?

And a little bit of advice... basically, i have a nikon coolpix 3.2MP compact at the moment, and a Canon eos 300 slr. i want to upgrade my digital camera and as i have a couple of lenses for my slr, thought of getting the eos 300d as the lenses i own are compatible with it. that is right isnt it? my lenses are 28-80mm AF, and 80-200AF. any photography experts out there, is the canon eos 300d a decent camera, or am i best off buying a decent pro-sumer (nikon 8700 for example) and sticking with my film slr?

i plan to buy the new digital camera in either tokyo or malaysia when i go travelling later this year, cheers, joey

2. Posted by Hien (Moderator 3906 posts) 11y

Hi Joey,

Canon EOS 300D is being sold in Kuala Lumpur at about 3000 Malaysian Ringgit (approx. GBP420 / USD790).

BTW, read the reviews on Canon EOS 300D.


3. Posted by joey22 (Travel Guru 561 posts) 11y

cheers hien! just had a look at the reviews... im not convinced. could you maybe let me know the price of one more camera? sorry if this is really cheeky. it's the panasonic DMC FZ20 Lumix. thanks so much for your help, joey

4. Posted by joey22 (Travel Guru 561 posts) 11y

actually its just occurred to me, if you let me know the name of the best camera store in KL i can just look on their website and stop pestering you! cheers, joey

5. Posted by Hien (Moderator 3906 posts) 11y

Hi Joey,

According to this site (, it's being sold at MYR2259 (approx. GBP315 / USD595).

FotoZzoom has quite an extensive network of stores in Kuala Lumpur. There are two in my neighbourhood and their head office is near my office. Their prices are quite competitive.


6. Posted by Chada (Full Member 118 posts) 11y

All the lenses you have can be used with 300D. I also use 300D. I am happy with it. The price in Thailand is approximately US$900 at the moment. I got silver body which is the original version of 300D. If you buy now you will get black body. The only difference is the color. All the features remain the same. Canon just tried to find the way to bring up the price.

If you can wait a bit, there will be a newer version of Canon released sometime next month. Some said it will be 350D, some said 400D...Or ... if you are OK with 300D... for the new one to come out, the price of 300D will be going down for sure.

7. Posted by Chada (Full Member 118 posts) 11y

Now 350D is out. I am mad It's smaller and better!! Grrrrrrrrrrr..........

8. Posted by georgep (Respected Member 201 posts) 11y

Why get mad about something like that.

You knew before you bought it that there would be a better, smaller, lighter ..... model on the market in time.

So here it is and it look great :-)

Maybe time to get a spare digital slr next to my 10D and EOS3

9. Posted by Chada (Full Member 118 posts) 11y

I bought 300D almost a year ago and 350D was not even an ova yet at that time ;)