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Travelling around Thailand - Indonesia from Dec/jan 2012??

Travel Forums Round the World Travel Travelling around Thailand - Indonesia from Dec/jan 2012??

1. Posted by flookie (Budding Member 7 posts) 5y


Im Nikki, 29, currently living in London.

I am starting my RTW trip in December/January in Thailand and then hoping to travel around s.e asia and end up in Bali from February.....then from there im going to oz (March) zealand (April) and over to south america from May 2012.

Im a little apprehensive at going it alone so would be good to make a few friends on here first before I go.

if youre going to be in any of this places be good to hear from you.

nik x

2. Posted by dc1 (Budding Member 5 posts) 5y


No need to worry about making friends as a solo traveller.... i'll be starting 12 month sabatical soon and can't wait.... all previous travels have been solo (except one). I've always been able to meet people during these travels around SEA. The time that I found I didn't make friends (as much) was when i was travelling with another person, when you travel solo you "push" yourself onto other travellers tables etc..... but don't forget, there are local people who can be much more interesting than some fellow travellers... my facebook is full of "local" people in comparison to like minded travellers.

Have a great time, beware of the tourist traps in Bangkok (there are many) and look forward to the party island of Bali.... you'll love Indo!!!

3. Posted by indranur (Inactive 10 posts) 5y

I will be in Indonesia,Yogyakarta central java at that time.
Travelling in Asia its easy,just be your self.....