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1. Posted by gbmitch (First Time Poster 1 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

Good evening Forum,
I have decided to stop lurking and make my first post. My name is James and my fiancé and i are 24 and 23 respectively. I will be leaving the defence force after 7 years at the end of this year and we have decided to go on a 10 month Around the world trip. Now this will be the first trip i have done outside of the military and even though we are travelling several months from now (JAN 2012) i am really feeling the heat to make sure we are mostly organised by the time we leave

from the research i have done so far, i have spoken to sta travel and we have come up with a trip as follows

Perth > Bangkok - we will be spending 4 months in SE asia
Bangkok > Dubai - 4 days
Dubai > Spain - We are going to spend 2 months there
Make our own way to London
London > Los Angeles 4 months in the USA
Make our own way to New York
New York Back > Perth
this has been quote at about $4k each

we have a budget of about 40k - 50k for the trip

I have several questions which i would hope the fellow travellers out there can assist us with

1.: Can anyone recommend any other travel companies to enquire about our itinerary to gauge the competitiveness of our quote by STA?

2. do you think that 4 months in S.E Asia, 2 Month for West Europe and 4 months for USA, Canada and Mexico?

3. i would really love to drive across america from LA to NY, does anyone ahve any experiences of doing this and if so roughly how much did it cost, time it took etc

4. do you think our budget of 40 - 50k is enough for our desired trip, we are planning to backpacker and take lost cost solutions where possible

I anticipate all of advice and experience will make this a trip to remember!


2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1839 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

4K sounds expensive to me. London sells RTW tickets from around £749. You can book as few or many flights as you want. Have whatever overland parts you want. Have open tickets. But the one thing you cannot do is double back on yourself (so you buy extra tickets for side trips that do this).

Plenty to see and do in Asia, or even just chill out for a while. Visas are needed for various countries though. Generally cheap and a chance to save money.

Enough in Europe to keep you occupied for 4 months or even a year. 2 months will be a bit of a rush to say the least. You'll have to plan carefully. Fairly expensive.

I have driven around America. Easy to do but there is a certain sameness from the home of globalisation if you are going to do a lot of travelling there. Easy to do 500 miles in one day so it takes as little or as long as you want. I would put America down as quite expensive. low cost, low quality motel rooms that used to be $20 a night years ago, I've seen for $60 a night. Accommodation is cheaper if booked online rather than turning up somewhere.

Coming from Europe, you want to drive from NY and not LA. Be aware that if you pick up a car in NY and drop it off in LA, there will be a very steep one way charge (as someone then has to drive it back to NY).

Canada has wide open spaces, particularly if you head up north.

Mexico has had serious troubles in the last few years with drug cartels and police feuding there. Lots of people have been murdered. Check before visiting there. A number of other countries you can visit in Central and South America instead if you change your mind.

There are quite a number of low cost airlines about that you can book online, that will be quicker than overland, and in some cases, even cheaper than overland.

Do buy insurance for such a trip.

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