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Any cruise enthusiasts here?

Travel Forums General Talk Any cruise enthusiasts here?

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1. Posted by CruiseLegend (Budding Member 5 posts) 5y

Hi All, anyone here into cruising. Would love to meet you. Please send a message.

2. Posted by nnm (Inactive 4 posts) 4y


I am also into cruising. Which cruise lines have you been on?

3. Posted by CruiseLegend (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

Hello! I have been on Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Holland America and Princess.
And you?

4. Posted by nnm (Inactive 4 posts) 4y

I've been on the Royal Caribbean and MSC and absolutely loved it! I hope to cruise again at the end of the year.

I am actually a recent cruiser, so I still have a lot to learn about the world of cruises.

How long have you been cruising for?

5. Posted by CruiseLegend (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

Which RCCL ship were you on? Which itineraries?
I am also hoping to cruise again end of this year.
I took my first cruise back in 1995 and since then have cruised about 15 times.

6. Posted by nnm (Inactive 4 posts) 4y

I went on the Independence of the Seas and did the Mediterranean Treasures itinerary so I cruised from Southampton, and visited Gilbraltar/Cannes/Barcelona/Palma de Mallorca/Alicante/Malaga/Lisbon/Vigo and back to Southampton.

It was my first cruise experience, so I was overwhelmed by how big the ship was. I very much enjoyed it but for my next one, I am hoping to go further away and perhaps discover the Caribbean.

From your 15 cruises, you must have a favourite?

7. Posted by CruiseLegend (Budding Member 5 posts) 4y

Thats amazing! Wonderful itinerary.

I have many favorite cruises but Alaska cruise has made a huge impression. Perfect weather with some amazing sightings of wild life made it spectacular.

The caribbean is also amazing but less spectacular in terms of culture. More beaches and beautiful blue water, sun and nice people will make up for it :)

8. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 4y

I just went on my first cruise in May. Seattle up to Glacier Bay, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, Victoria, Seattle. I just put up my blog on that cruise. I would love to go through the Panama Canal, but have not found anyone to go with yet.

9. Posted by nnm (Inactive 4 posts) 4y

I couldn't agree more. As much I enjoy discovering new cultures, I can't say no to a relaxing cruise.

I was meant to go on an Alaska cruise a few years ago, I wish I went now!

Hi vegasmike6,

I had a read through your blog. Looking forward to reading the rest!

Would you consider going on a cruise alone?

10. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3562 posts) 4y

I would have to say 'no' to cruising alone. Getting hit with the single supplement takes a cruise out of my budget range. If there was no extra fees, then 'yes' I would go alone. I have no problem chatting with strangers on-board. Or joining others on a shore excursion. You can meet plenty of nice folks everyday on a cruise.

Natalie, I will go to Alaska again if you need another to avoid the single supplement fees! Mike