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anyone travelling the world october/november

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1. Posted by mattyt1987 (Budding Member 11 posts) 5y

Hi there i am travelling for the first time this year some time between end of october - start of november.
I am 24 year old male, from birmingham and will be travelling south east asia, oz, nz, fiji and usa.
I've never travelled before and as i will be setting off on my own was wondering if anyone is traveling
any of these places the end of this year/ start of next year.
I am exited about getting out there and seeing different places and meeting new people but must admit
it is a little daunting going at it alone, I am sure i will be fine but if anyone is in the same position then i
am up for meeting for a few days.

Also if anyone has any tips for me or places they think i should see along the way then let me know!

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2. Posted by sez127 (Budding Member 48 posts) 5y

Hi! I'm Sarah, 25 and I'll be travelling se asia, oz, nz and fiji starting in September. I'm going it alone too and it is a little daunting although that's all part of the challenge! :) And from what I've heard you don't end up on your own for much of the time lol so I'm sure you'll be fine.

I'm going to be in Australia from mid-end October til New Year hopefully so feel free to get in touch! :) x

3. Posted by mattyt1987 (Budding Member 11 posts) 5y

I'm going to be doing SE Asia first for three months and then into Oz the start of next year. Are u all booked up?? Are u making ur own way around Oz or have u booked on the Oz experience? X

4. Posted by sez127 (Budding Member 48 posts) 5y

Flight to Singapore booked for 10th Sept, gonna explore Malaysia and Indonesia before heading to Oz. Booking all other flights as I go.

No I'm not going with Oz experience, gonna do it myself depending on who I meet and where the wind takes me lol! Greyhound buses are a good price apparantly and arent on commission to recommend certain hostels like I've heard Oz experience is.

Heading to NZ in the new year on a WHV :)

How about you, you got much booked up? x

5. Posted by mattyt1987 (Budding Member 11 posts) 5y

I'm in the process of selling my car which is where the majority of my money is coming from so will be booking it as soon as that's sold. I'm still unsure on what to do at the moment like oz and nz experience of whether to do the greyhound buses. u getting the bula pass for Fiji??

My flight will be end of October i reckon, How long u travelling for? x

6. Posted by mattyt1987 (Budding Member 11 posts) 5y

Ive just been looking at feedback for Oz Ex over Greyhound and i think im gonna go for the greyhound and then do the Kiwi experience :) x

7. Posted by munstergirl (Budding Member 25 posts) 5y

hey!! Im a 23 year old girl from munster, i am going hoping to go to Australia sept/oct . I do know friends in perth and other areas in Australia. I was meant to travel with my friend but due to family circumstances she can not travel. I am very nervous about the flight etc on my own. I love going out and having fun and i am up for the craic so I would prob make some friends but I am so nervous about everything. Is there any one else in a similar situation? I am useless with directions etc and am very nervous. Has any1 got any advice , tips? Im very nervous about the flight, arriving there, i have no plans as such of weather i am going to go through somewhere on the way to Australia etc, any suggestions at all would help or if anyone else is looking for a travel partner etc,
thank you,

8. Posted by karendibdin (Budding Member 8 posts) 5y


There are 4 of us going to SE Asia starting 11th September, then heading to OZ around 19th December for xmas ...

Look forward to seeing you all about there :)

Karen x

9. Posted by munstergirl (Budding Member 25 posts) 5y

hey thats sounds fantastic- where are you from karen, ru nervous?

10. Posted by sez127 (Budding Member 48 posts) 5y

I'll be arriving in Singapore 11th Sept so give us a shout if you're around there, Karen!

I've heard better reviews of Greyhound than Oz experience too so thought I'd go with that. Not looked into buses for Fiji yet, I'll check out the bula bus pass. I'm hoping to be travelling for at least a year, my WHV for NZ lets me stay a year so hoping I can find some work!

Munstergirl: Try not to worry too much :) I know that travelling on my own is going to take me way out of my comfort zone but that's half the experience I think, doing it on your own. To be able to look back and think, wow I did that all by myself. If you're staying in hostels I'm sure you'll meet lots of other like-minded people, some of whom are travelling solo aswell. That's what I'm hoping anyway!! i fly out in 4 weeks and I'm starting to get really nervous so don't worry, you're not alone :) If you know people around Oz then at least just having their numbers in your phone is reassuring, even if you never use them. You'll be fine, have faith! :)