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1. Posted by tab123 (Budding Member 7 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

So starting to think that it is now time that I finally got around to doing that round the world travel. At 30 it is in the slightly later years, but anyway, better late than never!

I am not that well travelled. Dont really know about how to do this. This thread is really to ask any fellow travel pointers to help me out and push me in the right direction and give me some advice.

All I do know is where I want to go.

1) Thailand - ok, everyone seems to go there. But the beaches really do look incredible. It seems to be a more of a party place perhaps to get me started. I like hard dance music and these full moon parties look good.

2) Malaysia - I really like sushi and from what I see on Youtube they do as well. Food is one of my greatest passions and this place looks like it will really get my taste buds going. (live sushi, not sure?)

3) India - Curry and spices have certainly been getting me going recently. I have been experimenting with spices and creating curries from scratch. A lot harder than it looks in a Youtube recipe. The place seems crazy. Do people really fit all the family on one scooter? and are men really s**ting in the streets?

4) Australia - I am still just in time for a work visa, but I think i would score well with points anyway. Sun, beaches, babes and bbqs; oh and fosters! This place seems like a small piece of paradise. Good work, good wages, great weather all the time. Stop off to make some money, have some party time and listen to some travel stories from people I meet before moving on (12 months later).

5) Honolulu or Tahiti - right in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. These places dont only look like serious paradise but seriously expensive. A nice wooden hut off the coast, fresh fish and simple island life to cool off the hard work from Australia. Probably just a quick stop before I become bankrupt.

6) California - complete Materialistic mentality, the movies, beach babes, plastic breasts, crazy parties, exclusivity and technology. Possible work if I can get a visa?

7) Alaska - bears, wilderness, wild and free. Just hiking and getting back down to nature living in wooden cabins and fishing every day and hunting. Great place to blow the cobwebs away.

8) Sweden / Finland - I want to see the northern lights. They look amazing. Ride a sleigh with dogs across the snow and camp out to see the lights. I am guessing you can probably see this in Alaska as well.

9) undecided

10) undecided.

Any thoughts or advice appreciated.


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 6188 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

I'd say if you want sushi, then Japan is the pick :) But just looked at your profile and seems like you might have already been.

Malaysia has a nice combination of cuisines - Chinese, Malay and Indian foods are the three main ones.

I'd suggest adding Vietnam to your list too, considering the love of food.

Wages are good here in Australia, but then the cost of living is also quite high. If you spend all your time working, then you won't see as much of the country either of course. Always a catch 22 that one.

I'd say, if you have the funds, just buy part of the ticket and get started. Sounds like it will be a long journey, so you probably will change your mind along the way anyway as you get in touch with more and more people and find out their stories.

3. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1839 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

You can pick up a RTW ticket with open dates. The only thing is the journey must be in one direction so book extra flights where necessary. You can do segments of it overland, as in arriving one side of Australia and leaving the other.

Lots to see and do in Thailand, and it's cheap too but you need a visa if staying over 30 days.

Not that much in Malaysia really. You may find Penang interesting.

Lots to see and do in India. You could easily spend months there. They don't do it in the streets in big cities but they may do it close by sometimes in bushes just outside small towns.

Jobs may not be easy to come by in Australia as many young people have the same idea but consider this

Yes, such islands are seriously expensive, and really no better than a quiet beach place in Thailand at a fraction of the price.

California is expensive commercialism and little else.

Don't forget Norway too when you go to Scandinavia, but remember they have some seriously bad winters so pick your time of year carefully. The same with Alaska where you could get snowed in for months.

Did you get to Japan? I've been there a few times in January and cold with snow in places and at times (and quite warm at other times) but everything open and no problem really.

Other options: Consider South America, notably Peru.

4. Posted by Kiwigail (Budding Member 18 posts) 6y Star this if you like it!

You have quite a diverse list here. You need to decide how you plan to get around - then you can move between countries in an organised way. Hawaii/Honolulu Tahiti are in the Pacific Ocean! Yes...if you want sushi go to Japan where it comes from!Japan is a wonderful country to visit.

If you plan to work in Australia you will need to check what visa requirements are and get those prior to arriving.

Australia is such a huge country - it depends where you are what the climate is. It is not always great - Tasmania is cold often even in summer and Queensland and Northern parts tropical.

I would suggest looking at countries that are in the same vicinity and travelling between by land before flying off to another area of the world.

If you are going to Malaysia try and get to Borneo . Internal flights are quite cheap.

You need to cost all this so planning etc will take some time and research.

Have a look at the travel advisor section at -snip- for plenty of advice on sorting a trip.

Good Luck!

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