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Oz in Oct.......who wants to join me???

Travel Forums Travel Companions Oz in Oct.......who wants to join me???

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11. Posted by kts24 (Budding Member 107 posts) 5y

HI just jumping on this thread , im going oz in september for a year would be cool to meet some people that are on here out there as in going alone if anyone on here will be there around then will u PM me , or send me your facebook , think it easy to talk on there plus we can c each other , thanks guys ,

12. Posted by munstergirl (Budding Member 25 posts) 5y

wahey-super!!!!! have u booked?? wher bout u from??:) xxx

13. Posted by Katie1424 (Budding Member 69 posts) 5y

Hey guys jumping in too, I'm gonna be in cairns from 3rd oct and working way down for Xmas and ny in Sydney!! Be good to meet up with any of you xx

14. Posted by kts24 (Budding Member 107 posts) 5y

im from london how about u ? im up for meeting anyone il be in sydney for new years and a while after that if anyones around then ?

15. Posted by rachelward (Budding Member 5 posts) 5y

Iwill also be in sydney for xmas and new year :) xx

16. Posted by Griffin123 (Budding Member 33 posts) 5y

goin 2 butt in 2 lol, ere in 3months love it ere and have 2 say yer picking a good time 2 come as ye missed all the rain and its really starting 2 warm, perth is a fab city not 2 big and not 2 small and all the nite life is based in northbride only 2 few min walk from the city cente, and its a pritty safe eara havnt seen no trouble but dont 4get 2 bring out yer passports on nites out as every were scans ur passport and takes ur pic before u enter pubs/clubs. some pain having 2 take out ut they wont let u in other wise, if ye want any info look me up on facebook the name is ben griffin profile pic is me sticking out my tounge drunk lol

17. Posted by Anns321 (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y

Hi everyone!! wow pleased to see a big response! sorry didnt check for a few days!!!
So yeh i dont have any proper plans yet and still havent booked flights but cant stop thinking about going so think i need to do it and get it out of my system!!! I think Perth would be a really good starting point, then head East, and just go with the flow!!
I live near kingston just south of london. would be good to chat to you guys more about your plans and maybe arrangin to meet up etc, add me on FB if ya like, Anna Isobel Hall. Reading all your posts in getting me pretty excited!! lol x

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