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Hello from the cardigan princess!

Travel Forums Introductions Hello from the cardigan princess!

1. Posted by JessicaLeeG (Budding Member, 3 posts) 16 Aug '11 06:44

Hello all!

I am moving from Bordeaux, France to LA for 10 months, starting september, and will happily meet up with anybody living there or just passing through. I'll be studying geography at UCLA, staying in a flat close by, in Westwood.

If you want to speak English, French, (ein bisschen) German or (un poquito) Spanish while eating or walking, I'm your girl!

I love discovering things, meeting new people and I'm ready to join in any adventure involving hiking / planting trees / funny faces / giggling.

See you soon!

2. Posted by jsonam (Budding Member, 31 posts) 16 Aug '11 17:32

come to australia please:)

3. Posted by JessicaLeeG (Budding Member, 3 posts) 17 Aug '11 06:01

Haha, that would probably be quite nice, but I can't afford to yet.

4. Posted by jsonam (Budding Member, 31 posts) 17 Aug '11 06:36

geography eh? my fave subject in school? i am hoping to travel to alaska and a few cities around usa in aug/sept 2012.lets hope i have enough saved up too!!

5. Posted by yestyle (Inactive, 3 posts) 19 Aug '11 19:55

hi nice to meet you
my blog at Travellerspoint -snip-

[ Edit: Sorry, no personal details please. ]

6. Posted by JessicaLeeG (Budding Member, 3 posts) 22 Aug '11 08:16

Oooh that's far away, still time to work your *** off to enjoy the US. Which cities are you hoping to visit?

I really love goegraphy too, I'm guessing you didn't continue in that area then?

Nice to meet you too.

7. Posted by jsonam (Budding Member, 31 posts) 23 Aug '11 03:43

well, i am hoping to spend 3 weeks in alaska. and about 4 weeks in the rest of usa...san francisco, LA, chicago,las vegas, new york, boston, chicago. also maybe yellowstone natural park!
too bad i dint do many of the things i loved in life! maybe i have finally worked up the courage to travel...u know tell myself to let the rat race take a back seat and spend some time doing the things i are right, last time i did geog was in the tenth grade, many moons i do something i dont enjoy that much..medicine!!