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1. Posted by Fluterd (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y

Dear forummembers,

In september we will visit China and visit Yunnan from 10-20 september (approximately).

I was thinking about this trip:
day 1 : Kunming --> Yuanyang (bus? train?)
day 2 (sunday): visit Laomeng market
day 3: visit rice terraces in/around Yuanyang
day 4: go to Jianshui (bus/minibus?)
day 5: Jianshui
day 6: Jianshui --> Kunming (bus?) --> Lijiang (bus/train?)
day 7: Lijiang
day 8: Lijiang --> Tiger Leaping Gorge
day 9: Tiger Leaping Gorge
day 10: Tiger Leaping Gorge --> Lijiang --> Kunming

Is this possible (we will use public transportation) and not too busy? Can you help me with time tables of bus/train?
About Lijiang and the tiger leaping gorge, I found enough information, but more information about Yuanyang/Jianshui is very welcome!!!

Thanks for your help!

2. Posted by vijayalakshmi20 (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y

Thanks for your tips and really useful tips

3. Posted by kichikacha (Respected Member 328 posts) 5y


It will be a tight schedule, however I think totally feasible and you will still have enough time to look around.

For train schedule between Kunming and Lijiang, see:
You can even take sleeper-night train on the way back.
On this route, train is relatively slow, so you can also consider taking bus instead.
Dali could be a nice stopover on the route between Kunming and Lijiang.
As I remember: it takes app 5 hours from Kunming to Dali and from Dali to Lijiang another 3hrs by bus. Buses leave regularly.

From Lijiang to Tiger Leaping Gorge: you can take minivan, app 1.5-2hrs. If you leave in the morning, it is possible to finish the trek and return to Lijiang next day early afternoon. Although, it is a beautiful place to rest and spend time. You can organize minivan ride at "Mama's place" in Lijiang, but despite its popularity i wouldn't recommend to stay and eat there, as you can find much nicer courtyard houses around and better restaurants.

For bus schedules: Jianshui / Yuanyang.

Cloudland hostel in Kunming is an excellent place to pick up leaflets with all bus schedules and with even a map for tiger leaping gorge. Also, a very nice place to stay. You have to book it in advance.

4. Posted by Fluterd (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y

Thank you kichikacha!

This is exact the information I needed! To avoid passing Kunming 3 times, we decided to do the trip the other way round (start in Lijiang, TLG, LIjiang, Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Kunming). We are then later in Yuanyang, so I hope not all the rice is harvested by then... Anyway, I still think it will be a nice trip!

Thanks for your help!

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