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Help - Photos in Blog Posts Being Automatically Replaced!

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1. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 5y

I have had this issue before: Whenever I upload a new batch of photos, some of the photos in my older, already-published blog posts are automatically "replaced" by one of the new photos -- even though they have different names/titles. This makes for some very embarrassing blog posts, like the one I found today that referred to a photo of my dinner and instead showed a photo of a pool! The dinner photo had been automatically "replaced" by the pool photo even though they had different names. Any idea why this is happening or what I can do to prevent it?


2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 5y

Hi Tracey, if I recall correctly it happened last time because the photos had been deleted from your photo gallery. Removing them there can cause some problems like this because it means another photo with the same filename could replace it. The title of the photo doesn't matter - what matters is the filename.

Can you point me to the specific entry + photo where this happened so I can investigate further? Perhaps it's still a hangover from that original issue? Or is this a more recent entry?


3. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 5y

I have a few examples, but I can't be sure which entries these came from since I immediately deleted them in a panic as soon as I saw the wrong photo in the wrong spot! Mostly this occurs in my Anguilla posts (Parts 1-6) and a few of the older ones-- a few photos in those posts seem to get "replaced" every time I upload a new batch of photos from a new trip.

(1) In the entry entitled "Whoops . . . I Just Ate the Centerpiece," the photo entitled "DSC_0075" was replaced by a new photo entitled “CMPSIbuilding1.” 0075 does not appear to be in "My Photos" any longer, although I believe someone (you, or maybe Sander?) was to have restored all of my deleted photos. I had deleted them in an effort to solve this problem when it was happening before -- it seemed that I had TWO photos with the same name (e.g., DSC_0075), so I deleted one to make sure the older version wouldn't get replaced by the newer one. But the "replacing" problem was happening before I ever deleted any of the images.

(2) The photo entitled "DSC_0574.jpg" was replaced by a newer photo entitled "CMCH024." I think this was in one of the Anguilla posts.

(3) The photo entitled "DSC_0186.jpg" was replaced by a newer photo entitled "CMCH005." Again, this was in one of the Anguilla posts.

(4) The photo entitled "DSC_0183.jpg" was replaced by a newer photo entitled "CMCH004." I think this, too, was in one of the Anguilla posts.

Could this have anything to do with my camera and/or computer? My camera numbers the photos sequentially (e.g., "DSC_001, DSC_002," etc.) but, once the photos are removed from the memory card, the same numbering starts all over again for new photos. I tried to solve this by retitling all photos that get uploaded to TP so there would never be, say, TWO "DSC_006" photos, hoping that the replacing problem would cease . . . but obviously that hasn't happened!

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 5y

Hi Tracey,

If a photo exists in our database with the filename DSC_0075.jpg then we will not overwrite that image. Instead, we rename the new file to DSC_0075_2 or something like that. So, in normal situations, there should be no need to rename locally prior to upload. A lot of people have the same situation as you where the filenames get reused over and over.

The problem we had before was due to the photos being deleted, but not fully deleted. They were removed from our database, but the actual files were not from our photo servers. If they had been properly deleted as they should have been, then they wouldn't be showing in your blog entries at all any more. So in one way we're lucky they didn't get deleted properly. But on the flipside, it's caused this problem which apparently is still not fully resolved.

I looked at your DSC_075.jpg issue specifically.

Here is the file that we have

which is the same as

In the database it shows that DSC_0075 was uploaded on the 8th of September and CMPSIbuilding was uploaded on the 12th. Could you have uploaded that DSC_0075 file accidentally prior to renaming it?

As a stopgap measure, I'd recommend setting your camera to use different filenames (there should be a setting in your camera somewhere to do this). This way you won't run the risk of overwriting any of these remaining files.

I'll try and set up a script of some sort to work out how many of the photos in your blog entries aren't in the database (hopefully none!). Not sure if I'll have time to do it today, but otherwise at the latest some time early next week.

Cheers, Peter

5. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 5y

Hi Peter:

Above you said:

Here is the file that we have

which is the same as

In the database it shows that DSC_0075 was uploaded on the 8th of September and CMPSIbuilding was uploaded on the 12th.

That is EXACTLY the problem! These are in fact two different photos with two different names. I have no idea why 0075 would suddenly be replaced by the CMPSIbuilding1 photo when I uploaded the latter. I have been retitling each photo and uploading them by title instead of file name in an effort to avoid this exact problem, but now I am starting to think that the images somehow have the image number (0075 -- the camera renumbers every time I clear the memory card, as I mentioned) embedded in it, regardless of what I call it. Is that possible? Can you think of another way to change the title or filename so that TP doesn't replace old photos with newly uploaded ones?

6. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 5y

Changing the way your camera names the files would help as a stopgap.

But I'm still confused about this situation. The DSC_0075 and CMPSIbuilding1 entries in the database were only created recently and not at the same time.

The DSC_0075 photo that you thought was in place however, would have been uploaded quite some time ago. So these were both new uploads that caused the database entries and they were on different days to each other. It also looks like the image was tweaked a bit after the first upload because this one is a bit darker than this one

7. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 5y

Just to be clear, not deleting any photos would help a lot. For starters, our system will rename the filenames if they are the same as something we already have, so this saves you focusing too much on this. It should also make tracking down any issues easier.

You mention retitling, but that would have no effect one way or the other, as it's the filename that matters (you can technically have hundreds of photos on TP with the same title, but each will have a unique filename).

Does that help?

8. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 5y

I have been renaming the files using a naming convention specifically for each post. Since I'm working on a Mac, I'm using iPhoto which stores and organizes my photos. Under the assumption that filenames were being repeated (e.g., there are "two" DSC_0075s, for example, so the old one gets "replaced" by the new one), I started renaming the files and exported them out using "Title." The files are saved into a folder on my desktop with the new name. I then upload them to TP and they keep the new title (e.g., "CMPSIbuilding1") instead of the old DSC_00xx number that the camera/computer assigns. I figured that by giving them two different names, we could avoid the "two DSC_0075s" problem, and that would be the best way to make sure old photos didn't get automatically replaced. It sounds like Sam is saying that I need to change the file name, not the title -- correct? (Sorry if I'm being so dense -- I'm not all that tech-savvy, as you can see!)

As for deleting, I have not deleted any photos (other than ones that I am 100% positive were not used in any blog posting) since Peter? Sam? Sander? replaced them. Unfortunately it seems that not all of them were replaced since I see only a few of the Anguilla ones, for example, under "My Photos." And that seems to be where most of the "replacements" keep happening, so maybe that is the problem after all. Is there anything I can do to help get the photos replaced -- give you a list from the blog postings or put them all in a file or something?

Peter, you are right that I tweaked the CMPSIbuilding photo -- but at no time was it ever called DSC_0075, which is why I never expected that it would replace that photo automatically! DSC_0075 was uploaded and used in a blog post about a year ago. That's why this is so frustrating -- I don't usually go back and look at old posts, and so I don't usually find out that a replacement has occurred until someone emails me to say something like, "I was expecting a picture of a lasagna, but instead there's a picture of a beach here!"

9. Posted by Peter (Admin 5847 posts) 5y

Hey Tracey, yeah, I was the one who restored all those photos.

I've just run a few scripts to try and see if there are any more photos that this might effect. Here's what I did.

1. Copied all your blog entries to my local computer.
2. Extracted all the filenames from your blog entries out into a table of its own. There's a total of 597 photos inserted into your blog.
3. Queried the live database to see if any of those filenames don't exist in our database.

They all exist. This is good! It means all the photos in your blog are accounted for in our system. There really should not be a situation that causes those photos to be overwritten and I'm quite confident that the restore I did was comprehensive enough because all photos are accounted for.

I'm still thinking this particular problem was a last remnant of that original problem (though not clear how exactly). If it is though, then it really shouldn't happen again.

Peter, you are right that I tweaked the CMPSIbuilding photo -- but at no time was it ever called DSC_0075

Totally baffled by this though Any idea what it was called prior to tweaking? Or do you remember uploading it prior to the tweak? Maybe a folder was accidentally selected for upload that included the file?

10. Posted by TraceyG (Respected Member 37 posts) 5y

Peter: Is it possible that the problem has something to do with the fact that the photos are in TP's database but are NOT showing up in my gallery? For example, I could not find the original DSC_0075 in "My Photos."

Also, just FYI, the way this was happening before was that I'd see the correct photo number and thumbnail in "My Photos" after uploading, but when I'd run my mouse over the thumbnail to see the larger image, it would be a completely different photo! Then I knew that another automatic "replacement" had occurred. Don't know if that helps but I feel like this is an episode of CSI -- the tiniest clue might help! ;)