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Travel to Austria, Prague and may be Germany... Help please!

Travel Forums Europe Travel to Austria, Prague and may be Germany... Help please!

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1. Posted by enigma075 (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y

Hello all,

I am planning to take my folks to Austria, Czech Republic and possibly Germany between 24Oct - 04Nov, 2011. I was wondering if anyone is able to help with the following information:

(a) Whats the best itinerary - to start first from Vienna and end in Germany or may be start from Prague and then move to Austria and then may be Germany. Germany is optional if there is enough to see and do in Austria and Prague

(b) Any good Rental apartments in the city as most people in the group of 6-8 are vegetarian (you see we are from India !)

(c) Should I take a Eurail pass or may be buy local train tickets (some forums in here said local tickets even to go from one country to another are lot cheaper as compared to Eurail passes!)

(d) Tentatively am planning to include Prague, Vienna, Salsburg or Innsbruck and may be, time permitting... Dresden or Munich ... any suggestions for a 10day trip ...


2. Posted by SkiBunny84 (Budding Member 26 posts) 5y

there's a decent train connection between Vienna and Prague....if you do Germany, go to Dresden or Berlin....Berlin is definitely the 'must see' in Germany, but Dresden is closer. Trains from Prague to Berlin take about 4 hours, and stop in Dresden on the way.
I guess you could also train from Vienna to Munich, but I'd say that Prague to Dresden or Berlin is much easier.

As for Eurrail, depends. I know that when I went Berlin-Prague, it only cost 30 Euro one way (Deutsche Bahn sale). If you're only doing a couple of train rides between places, it might be cheaper to just get local tickets.

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3. Posted by vanessa (Travel Guru 257 posts) 5y

10 days is not much time, if you need relocate even less then u can imagine. In which direction to move - it depends of few things: your connections and transport to/from Central Europe, your expectations and your budget.

1. Prague (1 full day isn't enough, but better then nothing). Prague is easily connected to Vienna by train.
2. Another lovely stop is Cesky Krumlov - very little itself, half of day will b enough, but far away, look at the map and connections. Chech is a bit cheaper then others, especially for foods and beer.

1 & 2. I loved Berlin (not less then 2 days) and Munich (you may run through in 1 day) a lot - they are different, but both very interesting.
3. Never been, but heard a lot of good things about Cologne. Very good trains and transport and polite + accurate service. Much more comfortable travel then Chech.
Price are still reasonable in comparation to other (West) Europe destinations. Germany is full with various castles and forests too, not only cities.

Really hard to choose, because there are too much to do.
Fabulous nature, lotsa cultural and food/wine events, exceptional service and so on...
- Vienna (you may run through in 1 day but it's pity)
- Salzburg (little, one full day is enough) - real diamond!
- Gratz (1 day) another great city, lot to do
- Endless list of small historical towns. My favorite are: Hallstadt and Enns, then Krems, Rust and then list of about 20 or more.

You cant take everything, so try to build the "smart" road - with minimum transport involved and maximum stay. Few destinations (usually small towns aside cities) are possible to do as a daily trip, with no relocation. Moving takes lots of time.
Good luck!

4. Posted by SkiBunny84 (Budding Member 26 posts) 5y

Cesky Krumlov is really beautiful and worth the trip!

5. Posted by enigma075 (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y

Hello SkiBunny84 and Vanessa,

Thank you so very much for all your helpful insights into my travel plans... Its finally taking shape and it seems that I will travel from Mumbai (India) to Vienna and back to Mumbai... which means I will have to keep Vienna my base... This is what I am planning :

25Oct - Arrive Vienna. Stay in an apartment for 2 nights (any recommendations/sites on apartments which are centrally located ?)

27Oct - Arrive in Salzburg. Stay in an apartment for 1 night (any recommendations/sites on apartments which are centrally located?)

28Oct - Arrive in Innsbruck. Stay in an apartment for 1 night (not sure if I should stay in Salzburg for 2nites or Innsbruck and do day trips for either place?)

30Oct - Arrive in Germany (Munich?) by late afternoon/evening. Stay in an apartment for 2nites

01Nov - Arrive in Nuremberg / Dresden by late afternoon/evening. Stay in an apartment for 1nite (optional)

02Nov - Arrive in Prague by afternoon. Stay in apartment for 2nites

04Nov - My return flight happens to be from Vienna (on Royal Jordanian they do not fly to other cities except VIE in that region...) ..which means I need to travel from PRG to VIE by train... whats the time duration like ?

Thanks in advance for your insights...


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7. Posted by Craggy (Budding Member 43 posts) 5y

If you do go to Germany, Nuremburg is a great city, and you can get the coach from there to Prague very easily and cheaply. It's a beautiful way is see the countryside and doesn't take long at all.


8. Posted by enigma075 (Budding Member 3 posts) 5y

Hello Craggy and all helpful souls in here... slight change in the itinerary due to the flights...

will land in munich on 25OCt and plan to stay there for 2nites
1 nite in nuremberg/dresden
3nites in prague
4nites in vienna (and do day trips to salsburg/innsbruck from there or should i stay at these places)

My return flight is from vienna back to india...

Ne tips would be appreciated, as always.. :)

Cheers and thanks again...

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10. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member 155 posts) 5y

I always think to do justice to a visit you need at least 2 nights so you have a full day to look round.
You will not get an apartment for less than a week, check out on the web aparhotels, rooms with a kitchenette.
Have you thought about hiring a car instead of trains gives more flexibility.