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Requesting advice for first time trip to Argentina

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean Requesting advice for first time trip to Argentina

1. Posted by Paris (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y

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I am planning a trip to Argentina for the first time and am wondering if it is a bad idea to go during Holy Week? I have heard mixed reports as to whether or not things will be closed down.

I can only go for 8 days, so was planing to focus on Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls. Has anyone taken this trip by bus? I am wondering if it is a nice way to see the country or if it would be better to fly from point A to point B?

Any advice on either of these subjects or general suggestions as far as what to experience would be most helpful!

Thank you,

2. Posted by aitor (Full Member 102 posts) 11y


Estimate about 30-40 hours by bus from Buenos Aires to Iguazú, not sure about the quantity of hours, but something like that, the distance is great. In my opinion you should fly.



3. Posted by juanka (Inactive 48 posts) 11y


The bus trip to Iguazu takes 19 hours. In Holy week will be impossible to fly, because most flights are taken. But buses ane very comfortable, and also you have an option to go 1st till San Ignacio jesuitic ruins (15hs), stop there and maka a visit of 3-4 hours, and from then you have every hours buses to Iguazu (4 hs).


Manuel (Aimor) try to reply only what you know because wrong info is dangerous for travelles.
Also I reccomend to update in your web site the Argentina data: According your site, we have 6 millons less people in Argentina population...

4. Posted by Leo_arg (Inactive 54 posts) 11y

Try to book your flight right now for Holy Week, many tourist go to Iguazú for that w-end. Chek web pages of Aerolíneas Argentinas ( and others.
Considering you´ll only be here for 8 days, in my opinion you should take a plane.

Also have a look at this


5. Posted by thowra (Full Member 74 posts) 11y

BA-Iguazu takes 18-19 hours depending on company, travel conditions etc. If you go during holy week, I would seriously recommend booking in advance as it may be difficult to find room!! Coach is good and safe though!