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1. Posted by Nichola_Louise (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hello everyone, I'm thinking of travelling around different parts of the world, i've never ever done this before so this is all new to me but I do have specific places i'd like to go:- I'd like to start off in Canada & a few states in America after that then maybe go from there to Africa and then from there to maybe Russia (for the Vodkatrain) and i'd also like to go to Nepal and Thailand then Fiji and New zealand and then end up in Austrialia and work for around 6 months - year. I realise this is a huge trip! And I am willing to work/volenteer whilst travelling. But just wondering if any one had any idea to how much it would cost, how much spending money i'd need etc and for the US would it be better/cheaper to hire a car/campervan rather than flights? Also is there anyone else that is thinking of doing a similar sort of route to what i'm thinking? I may be going with my boyfriend but its not definite yet! Can anyone give me some advice on all this or information in general please? Thanks x :)

2. Posted by B'packingSpirit (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hey Nichola,

Well, your trip sounds AMAZING and you should definately, definately go for it!! If you want to do it don't let anything stop you, or you will regret it in the long run!

As for advice... well, I also wanted to do an around the world travel for years and years and I finally booked it up 6 months ago. I have been saving for it for a while - I am doing similar places to you - Africa, New Zealand and Fiji and some American states. I am giving myself 10 - 15,000 Australian dollars to do this trip in a 6 month time frame. I am also travelling South America, Costa Rica and Asia. I am budgeting for around 2,000 dollars per month and will be living cheaply - hostels, etc. I am also going to be doing 3 weeks of volunteering, one week in Kenya, one week in South Africa and one week in Peru. I have found this to be pretty cost effective as well as providing a different experience. i have booked this with Original Volunteers which is a UK based company which offers very cheap volunteering opportunities which covers your accommodation and most food. They also offer volunteering options in a wide range of countries so u will definately find some opportunites that will fit in with your plans.

With regard to working in Australia, go for it - that would be a good place to end (or even start) your trip as you can earn really good money out here, the economy is doing great and the pay is much better than many other places right now (I am from England but currently live in Australia and I earn three times as much here in Aus than I could at home now). It's easy to find work and an easy place to live. Just apply for a one-year working holiday visa in advance.

As for travelling around America, well I guess the whole American road trip is a big deal and lots of people wanna do that so hiring a van might be a good call, a good experience, but maybe less comfortable than flying. Price wise, it really depends. Check out price comparison sites for internal flights for the US, look at campervan sites and check the prices out. Just be prepared for the fact that logically, a road trip will be a lot more time consuming so u will need to be paying for food and accommodation and petrol along the way and these prices will probably end up outweighing the cost of flights. I think what you really need to consider here is what type of experience you want...

I have a backpacking website which has advice for anyone preparing a trip - check it out here, bookmark it and come to it when you need some advice, you'll find some useful info to prepare you for your travels:

Hope this has helped - let me know how you get on!

Bon Voyage! :)

Backpacking Spirit

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3. Posted by Nichola_Louise (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hello Emma,

Wow sounds like you have a pretty fun trip ahead!! Yes been much help thank you. I dont know how long to give myself to save for it all? How long did you save for if you dont mind me asking? ideally i'd like to go next year but its more likely to be start of 2013 I think. I would love to do America but if my boyfriend doesnt come I might give it a miss as not sure i'd want to do America alone although I do have family in Florida so may pay a visit there! Also where would you say was the best place to go in Australia? I thought maybe Sydney? Sorry for asking so many questions! I'm just trying to find as much info as possible and always better coming from someone who has actually been there and done it :-)

Thanks again! x

4. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member 155 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

We did a similar 12 month trip came back in 2008 cost for the two of us £28,000.

This included some car hire and camper van campsite fees and hotel accommodation which we shared the cost with a friend so it would have been more expensive on our own.

Don't forget to cost in Visas these can be very expensive when you realize just how many you need.
Also Malaria medication is very expensive and so is inoculations and injections which you will certainly need for Asia and Africa. These are things you can get quotes for now to give you an idea.

If you are on your own hosteling can be cheaper but if you are a couple it can work out more expensive unless you are in a dormitory, these are things you need to check out if you are watching your expenditure.

Something else to consider is climate and weather in each of the countries because you will need to decide which way around the world you are traveling.

We bought round the world tickets and added on domestic flights and one international flight. Ask for discounts for the tickets I did and got a good deal.

We did the east coast in Australia Cape Tribulation to the Great Ocean Road 3 months in all, hired a camper van for 6 weeks and camped, having bought the tent and gear in San Francisco.
We did coast to coast in the USA taking in the mid west and all the National Parks including Yellowstone. An amazing trip and would love to travel again in the States.
I started off with a spreadsheet making lists including costs.
Best of luck

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6. Posted by 11bndr (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi there,
well I just had around the world trip for my honeymoon which was as follow Riyadh-Salzburg- Zell am see - Munich- London—Orlando -Miami- cruise (Haiti- Jamaica and Cozumel) - Vegas - los Angeles- Hong kong-phuket- Singapore - Riyadh.
this trip was for 45 days but i cannot be sure about expenses since it was a honeymoon thus all hotels were luxury once.
However for the states renting car is depend on the city that you are going to some places such as Orlando or los angles having a car is a most while in new york for example its better to use subway or taxi specially that parking are costly.
I believe if you which to visit the state, Newzeland an Australia a cruise is a good idea since royal Caribbean have a journey for 18 days that leave Hawaii to Fiji an then the most attractive cities and island in Newzeland and Australia but you have to check the schedule of such journey, I believe this journey cost about 1800 usd pp.
if you which to go from the state to the other part of the world say Africa or other distention in Asia you may book with the Cathay pacific airlines you can find a good deal in one way flights and you have the opportunity to see Hong Kong and may be china main land or Macau which consider Las Vegas of Asia. but make sure once you do your booking that it will be one ticket throw choosing multi distention option instead of doing sprit booking for each flight. I had a ticket from lax to Hong Kong then to Phuket that cost me only 650 USD.
This what I have in mind know that I hope it will help you if you need any question please do not hesitate to ask me