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I want to travel for three months alone, help please!

Travel Forums General Talk I want to travel for three months alone, help please!

1. Posted by beckyboo1986 (Budding Member 8 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

I am 25 and due to a huge change in my personal life, I've decided to bite the bullet and plan to go travelling.

I will be travelling alone and would like to go at the begining of march 2012 and return mid May 2012.

I haven't thought of the logisitcs of anything as I'm pretty open to options. Money wise isn't really a major issue either so if you could give me any advice or tips on where the heck to start, please let me know.

There are a few place's I'd lvoe to go such as Thiland, Hong Kong, China, India, Puru. How realistic are these destinations? Also How would I chose where to stay, how to get to the different place's.

I'd like to go where I ahve the opportunity to meet other travellers as well. I can be flexible with my iteniary I suppose.

Any thoughts please?

2. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member 155 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Ok, this is how I did it for our 12 month trip.
You have about 10 weeks break this down into days list on a spreadsheet, decide which counties and cities you want to visit and for how long but taking into account the days you will be traveling. This should give you a good idea how the time lies. You alter this list many times but that's the fun of planning.

India and China are vast, southern China is not touristy and there is the language problem which is a challenge but can be done.

For China I would recommend doing the tourist bit and on a tour with a group and with a guide, perhaps starting in Beijing and seeing The Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors etc, check out the tours on offer. From here you can take the train to Shanghai, a wonderful city to visit modern and western but still having the old Chinese charm in parts. From here you can take the overnight train to Hong Kong, it takes 24 hrs and is quite an experience and is inexpensive. The compartments are 2 and 4 berth so you will be sharing. You go thru customs before entering the train.

Hong Kong is a mix of the modern and old China try and get accommodation in the centre if you can. Use the tram for getting around, take the cable car to Victoria Peak on a clear day so you can see the whole of Hong Kong and get some great photos. Take the ferry to Kowloon for a good days site seeing.

India again I would recommend doing a tour see The Golden Triangle. This will give you a taste of India at it's best. India can be a culture shock for many people from the west but I think it is so worth doing. The people work incredibly hard for little money and poverty is there as you have never seen before. The Forts and Palaces are wonderful.

Thailand, Bangkok is a huge busy noisy city which includes a large red light district. Research the districts and decide where you feel happiest staying. I would recommend somewhere close to the overhead railway it's then easier to get around. The buses don't have drivers who speak English and many of the taxi drivers don't either. Some do though so if you want a taxi make sure he understands what you say and agree a price before getting in. this applies to all the cities. There are a number of temples and palaces of interest around Bangkok which you can arrange a tour for, your hotel will be able to advice but check out the prices at travel agents before deciding. I would recommend the Bridge over the River Kwai trip 2 or 3 nights and you get to stay on the river in accommodation that's basic but we enjoyed the trip and the people are just like yourself many are single from around the world. We also took the overnight train to Chiang Mai, accommodation is inexpensive.

Check out credit and debit cards for the best deals withdrawing from ATM can work out very expensive.
If you use Internet banking while abroad make sure you use a secure site, good hotels are your best bet rather than Internet cafes.
Check out insurance make sure you are well covered.
Check which inoculations and meds you might need with your health care professional, don't take advice from the boards.

Check out the climate and weather in the countries you are traveling to get the best of the weather.
There is masses I could write, let me know if you have any other questions.

3. Posted by jeanie99 (Full Member 155 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!


Just remembered, look at Visas you will need,
where you can get them if traveling
Requirements by country.
Length of stay.

4. Posted by Visa_Machine (Budding Member 5 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

'Puru' did you mean Peru? If you did, I think it may be complicated to do such a massive trip involving going to 2 continents in such a short period of time. You should either go to Asia or to South America. Probably the best thing to do in a couple of months will be to go to South East Asia and China, save India and Peru for another trip.

China is amazing, and there are several places worth a visit:
Beijing is a must; Guiling and a little village not far from it called Yangshaw (they are in Southern China) are stunningly beautiful; Xian is a great city, Terracotta worriers are worth a look, but are overestimated (in my opinion); Western China is fantastic (Kashgar)

It is easy to travel in China, Lonely planet is usually helpful in finding accommodation, and major sights. Usually hostels are clustered in one area, so you can just get to the area (bus/taxi) and have a look around, find a place you like.

As for transport, the easiest way is to ask smb to write the name of the place you need to go to in Chinese and you won't have any problems.

I travelled around China for some time, then took a train South from Beijing, stayed some time in Yangshaw and went to Vietnam overland, then Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Malaysia.

These are all great places and there is a lot to see, small islands in Thailand and Malaysia, Angkor in Cambodia, beautiful bays in Vietnam and rivers in Laos. If you go to places mentioned in LP you will definitely meet a lot of backpackers there.

I travelled on my own (in fact, always do) and you get to meet a lot more people this way.

But Jean is right, you need to check the visa part.

Depending where you are from, you will probably not need a visa for Thailand and Malaysia, but you will definitely need a visa for China, Laos, Cambodia and India. Cambodian and Laos ones can be purchased on the border, China and Indian you will need to get before arrival (in your country of residence).

Give me a shout if you need any help with visas/ more info.


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