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Do airports allow you to pack a knife in your main luggage ?

Travel Forums Travel Gear Do airports allow you to pack a knife in your main luggage ?

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1. Posted by FUNJONO (Budding Member, 64 posts) 1 Nov '11 14:24

I was interested to know if you are allowed to pack a small knife in your main luggage as I am going to be travelling across asia from March 2012 and a knife would be a useful tool to have.Anyone Know ? :)

2. Posted by bex76 (Moderator, 3600 posts) 1 Nov '11 15:04

It should be fine in your main luggage - I normally have a swiss army knife or leatherman when I go away.

3. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru, 1940 posts) 1 Nov '11 17:08

Luggage is xrayed - it might raise some eyebrows?

4. Posted by KyleMac (Full Member, 60 posts) 1 Nov '11 20:20

It should be fine. Some places may make you fill out a pre-departure declaration form - which is also required at the arriving airport - just ask at the declaration/security desk. But this only occurred when travelling with a set of 15 kitchen knives in our bag.

5. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 2 Nov '11 02:09

"main luggage" is that checked in luggage, or carry on luggage? There's a rather big difference between the two :) If the first, you should be fine, if the latter, you will lose it when they scan your carry on at check in.

6. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru, 1566 posts) 2 Nov '11 17:36

Ditto above.

1.) A small knife is no issue in your checked luggage.

2.) It's (obviously) not allowed in your carry-on.

That said, if you're only interested in bringing a small knife (and not an expensive one or a multi-tool like a Leatherman) then why not simply buy a cheap one in your arrival country? That would allow you to travel with carry-on luggage only.


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8. Posted by paulmacpaul (Full Member, 107 posts) 6 Nov '11 03:23

No, I don't think so. Any airport wouldn't allow that.

9. Posted by Dodger (Respected Member, 860 posts) 6 Nov '11 16:14

I travel with this cool little Swiss army knife key I usually put it in my checked luggage, but often forget and it travels in my carry on, clipped on a key ring holder. Its never been spotted in the x ray, as I guess they think its a key. I figure if someone tries to hijack the plane with a box knife, I'll be ready to take them out! :)

10. Posted by CheersT (Travel Guru, 1566 posts) 6 Nov '11 17:35

paulmacpaul @ #7: That's incorrect.

Dodger @ #8: I had one of those on my key chain for years. To be honest I never found it very useful, but every now and then it handled some small task. In hundreds of flights it never raised an eyebrow until a couple of months ago - some goof in Vancouver Airport spotted it during a hand inspection of my carry-on and confiscated it. I argued but to no avail. I'm sure it's now on his keychain... twit...