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Kiwi or OZ working holiday visa??

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Kiwi or OZ working holiday visa??

1. Posted by ChazandChaz (Budding Member, 5 posts) 8 Nov '11 02:57

I am leaving in January to go on a round the world trip with my boyfriend, originally we were planning on basing ourself in New Zealand 6 months + and working on a WHV to earn abit more money to aid the rest of our travels, however we have now heard that working in Oz pays alot better and that it might be a better option to save?
Can any one give me any advice or feedback on this please as I am looking to apply for my visa this week and don't know which to apply for!

Many Thanks,


2. Posted by Steve79 (Respected Member, 326 posts) 8 Nov '11 04:49

You could do both!

Depends what you want out of your time. You probably could earn a fair bit more in Oz, but for me New Zealand is a far better country and I would rather go there.

As a comparison I earnt £17 an hour working in Sydney and then £15 an hour working in Auckland.

3. Posted by ChazandChaz (Budding Member, 5 posts) 8 Nov '11 09:19

I don't really want to do both on this one trip as it is likely I would like to have another big trip and work the other one at another time! :D

What jobs were you doing in both? Both those wages seem very good so if that was the difference I was looking at then it would not be a problem!

Thanks for the help!

4. Posted by Steve79 (Respected Member, 326 posts) 8 Nov '11 12:12

In Sydney I was an 'online content editor', basically writing and editing copy for the website of a big charity, and in Auckland I was working as a public relations officer, writing and preparing communications materials for a big telecommunication charity.

5. Posted by steff (Travel Guru, 1158 posts) 9 Nov '11 09:00

My working holiday in New Zealand was in 2003 and back then I didn't earn a lot in the jobs I had (as waitress, promoter and in customer service) but I also had very little expenses. As far as I know this hasn't changed much. Australia is a different story. I lived and worked there in 2006 for a year and I did earn quite a bit as a waitress and in administration, but life is a lot more expensive there and it has become even more now. So even if you earn less in N.Z. I think you might be able to save more. Also I was glad I did my first working holiday in N.Z. and then moved on to Australia. It was more relaxed and easy-going back then, plus not so many other backpackers trying to find a job. Good luck, both are great choices!!


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6. Posted by ChazandChaz (Budding Member, 5 posts) 26 Nov '11 09:23

Thanks for all the help guys! I went with the NZ WHV so fingers crossed it works out!

If anyone has any information/recommendations on where to look for jobs/jobs that can earn travellers a bit of money it would be a great help!

Thanks :)