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61. Posted by EduVision (Budding Member 2 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Just wanted to share something. The name workaway is problematic. It must be quite obvious that in this day and age, no one can go into another country and work without some authorization, so the name workaway is misleading and gives an impression that one can go into any country and work legitimately without documents. At least in the case of Nepal, no foreigner can come and work here without valid government document. When I was in USA, the rules applied there too. Foreigners need government permit to work. So you are being duped if you think you can come to Nepal and work in exchange for food and lodging. Even if the hosts do not tell you this, you must understand that you are doing an illegal act. Just wanted to let you all know.

62. Posted by DrewCrawf (Budding Member 6 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!


This thread contains so many biased accusations and responses, it is truly unbelievable how inmature some peopel are. After reading the entire thread, I feel obligated to share my own conclusion. Just a disclosure, since it is OBVIOUSLY needed here...I have absolutely no connections/ties/biases that would influence MY OPINION below...

WorkAway is a true living, learning, & lending experience. A volunteer applies to positions that they feel fit their interests, skills, and personality, with the hope of the host responding with a welcoming offer. In a perfect world, the volunteer would receive responses from every host...sorry to break it to you, but we don't live in a perfect world! Plans change, people move, & $hit happens!! Hosts are not obligated to respond, even though it would be a professional and courteous thing to do. Cultures differ from country to country, and while it may be "normal" in your culture to expect a response from every host, it may be too much to respond to each and every volunteer, especially if that volunteer has not put in the effort to complete a full profile. I don't know about you, but I would not offer my home to a complete stranger just from one email. I would want to get to know that person before-hand through a detailed and complete Profile Page (along the lines of AirBnb & Couchsurfing), Facebook, and/or a Skype session. This would save everyone wasted time and frustration.

If a volunteer is genuinely motivated to make their travel plans happen, they will find a reliable host, whether that is through WorkAway, WWOOF, or whatever other website. Stop complaining and start doing. Complaining about the services that already exist will get you nowhere. Offer useful feedback to make the site better, or create your own service that addresses all the problems mentioned.

That said, I have been using WorkAway for researching stops in my trip this summer. I have yet to send any emails to hosts, but have been surprised by the frequent updates of hosts in the areas I am interested in travelling to. There are so many options available, it can't hurt to try! Basically, there are hosts everywhere and it is worth the $22 to give WorkAway a shot. I will gladly share my experiences here once I have used the service. Until then....

Safe Travels...Cheerssss!!


63. Posted by little lisa (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Dear drew,
glad to hear that you are able to comment on something of which you admit YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT.
Ho Ho Ho
You lot certainly seem to have all the software in hand
Bon chance
little lisa

[ Edit: No personal insults please. ]

64. Posted by MiamiGoldenGirl (Budding Member 7 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

I am sorry to hear about the terrible experiences of little lisa, however, we have been Hosts on WA for almost 2 years now I think and for the most part with great success, excellent work a way volunteers, and we have gotten so much serious help with our work projects to restore our home. f y i I do qualify very closely before I confirm anybody , also require photo id and copy of the travel tickets before I give our address, etc, and references also when possible. Most of our volunteers have been great, but a few of them have not been so great, none the less, with only 1 exception, they have been a positive experience for us. A few came but then left within a few days or a week when they discovered that they were in the wrong place for them. And us. Not all helpers and hosts are going to be a great combo. Many of our helpers have kept in contact with us and asked me to send photos of our progress and I really adore many of the great kids, and people who have come to give us a helping hand. Most of them have been great fun also to get to know. It is illegal for anybody to come to the u s a to 'work' for wages or for a company taking some official job, and its also illegal here in the u s a to work for only room and board. We have a thing called minimum wage. However, people can come on any cultural exchange agreement, and there is no law against them helping out with chores and projects of the family. Helpers and volunteers are not against any law here nor any where I am sure. We treat our volunteers like extended family , we appreciate their efforts , and they to make the experience as positive as possible. A few of our helpers have a permanent place in my heart now after having them stay with our family for 3 to 4 months even. I don't know David or Alex or anybody at work a way but I am grateful to who ever at work away, that I have had this opportunity to have great help and culturally interesting people come into our lives. Just today we got an email from an Italian guy, about 50 years old, who had been with us twice and he has become a lifetime friend also. We have a standing invitation to his home in Italy, as he does to return to ours. This program is what you make it and its up to the host to qualify as much as possible before accepting anybody . There will be both wonderful helpers as well as not so wonderful and that is just life. I would suggest changing the name or something, because I do have to emphasize that the word 'WORK ' can not be mentioned on the application for a visa to travel, it has to be a tourist visa . We once had the u s a council in Germany send me some official forms to fill out with questions about the kind of work, how long, how much, insurance, etc etc etc that I would provide to the girls who were applying for a visa. They had said they were going to Work in the u s a. I set our council very straight on it and the girls got their visa but that also alerted me to advise others of this. Anyway,,,, this has been one of the most successful things we have ever done ! Right now we have 3 Italian guys at home who are great ! Funny, fun, helpful, and adding much to our otherwise dull days. They are a delight and being a great help to my husband and sons. I am very happy and grateful for Work Away. Even though I had one awful experience, one out of countless positive experiences is expected maybe.

[ Edit: Edited on 14-Dec-2013, at 16:08 by MiamiGoldenGirl ]

65. Posted by annemicha (Budding Member 7 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

all these still confirm my previous post.

to "little lisa" : I didn't know the hosts on the workaway don't pay any fee to register. me, it's another proof of the lack of serious of this website.
paying a fee would insure a minimum seriousness and give a guarantee that host are reals...
yes, it 's really a lack of ethic.
but, i am not sure you would have any assistance if you had pay anything, anyway...

as you said : avoid....


66. Posted by little lisa (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

TO michkla,
yes indeed avoid at all costs toxic and deceitful.

HO HO HO to Miami golden girl !!!!!! YOUR response just shows it all ( a whole page of diatribe supporting worship of mammon and something for nothing mentality )

If the WHOLE idea is that the host gets scab labour for ZERO by encouraging keen individuals to LIE to immigration authorities around the world as to the purpose of their visit, then this is a great SCAM. IT@S ONLY THE VOLUNTEER THAT HAS THEIR PASSPORT STAMPED AND REFUSED ENTRY AGAIN then how lovely for the host PLENTY MORE FISH IN THE SEA .
What level of DECEIT is low enough for theses people.
Just LIE and the host can have what they want .Well at least Miami golden girl by their response ? :(

67. Posted by MiamiGoldenGirl (Budding Member 7 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Amazing and sad, that some people are too twisted and negative and angry with their lives in this world to make any sense. Those people and what they twist and distort do not merit a response.
I honestly feel sorry for people who are so miserable and I honestly wish them well. If anybody is seriously considering work a way please just re read what I wrote. The volunteers who came to stay with us saved thousands of dollars in hotel fees and meals and transportation also because they stayed with us in our home. We picked them up at arrival at the airport, and drove them to many places, and also lent our cars in some cases with no problems. If you keep trying you will find a great host and have a wonderful experience . Think positive.

68. Posted by MaxMils (First Time Poster 1 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

Hey folks,

I had the same feeling at the beginning when I applied for volunteering position and had only a slim consideration coming from the listed hosts. BUT I learned how it works and I changed my profile (marketing), then after I had welcoming answers and I had been in touch with several hosts. We figured out the terms of the exchange and got to know each others . So it is real.

This website is made to put people in touch, it can't be responsible for what happened when you get the contact.
In fact it gives to the hosts a situation of power, the same given to a recruiter so if your experience is negative while looking for an arrangement, just think that the hosts are not obliged to take you in just because you sent a message. They also have the right to choose who they want to come to their house especially if there is a lot of candidates. I know some hosts, in some countries see that opportunity like a way to get low cost labor unfortunately you can't change their mind if this is how they see things. It is up to you to be wise enough to locate and avoid such hosts reading their profile and exchanging emails until you get comfortable to visit them. Also as long as each parties get their interest, there is nothing wrong for me.

I'm not saying everything is crystal clear with the website, but I don't see any marvelous intentions except maybe some malfunctions that can be improved or changed. From the way I'm seeing it, workaway could improve in a MUCH positive way and if they make money with it good for them. If you are frustrated because of their success go do the same if you can and stop bulling people businesses or maybe you are already a competitor making people pay to volunteer ??? or maybe you are just a crazy B**** with no life trying to make people look miserable because of your miserable life. If I were a host and I get to know you I would definitely not take you in you sound like a sick person, this thread is on from 2011 and you are still barking like a dog for the $20 they took from you. You must have more interest than that to be so persistent with your pitiful experience of the website, so don't try to convince people you are right we all know you are wrong. There is only one similar website Helpx and I support them too.


Workaway offer an interesting way to travel and work and the $20 for the 2 years membership are fair, whatever you have said they will be more positive experiences than bad ones so now I invite people to ignore this thread and try by themselves just remember the website is here to connect people not provide a full packaged placement and host are not all ethical. If you are an assisted person go pay for your placement with all the insurance and stuff and leave this way of traveling for the resourceful ones.


69. Posted by little lisa (Budding Member 4 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

thanks for that workaway !

70. Posted by annemicha (Budding Member 7 posts) 3y Star this if you like it!

To Maxmills

I find your comment interesting and you might be right (although I don't agree to do marketing for a volunteer position-but anyway).
but I do not understand why you suddenly insult a person, whoever it is.......

everyone has the right to have his own opinion...., and it s the role of a forum to exchange opposed convictions....isn't ?

i think this subject drives many rough comments. and you are right to my opinion, It s time to quit the conversation



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