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Europe - March 2012

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1. Posted by sahilyousif (Budding Member 8 posts) 5y


Im planning to travel to France, Italy, Austria and Czech in March 2012. I will be travelling alone and on budget, not very keen on luxuries. The trip will be of one month and the reason why im not doing more destinations is because i want enough time in each of these places to explore the culture, lifestyle and meet people. If anyones interested in doing Europe around the same time and looking for a travel companion, get in touch with me. I may be flexible on my plan, let me hear yours first :)


2. Posted by Pia Dang (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y


Im planning travel alone around Europe n on budget also but it has to be in summer cos I still stuck with school work. Just wanna ask is it safe to travel alone in Europe ? Im Asian female and not know much about Europe but will try to find out more about the cities ill visit (Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Venice, Florence & Rome), how much u budget for ur travel ? i think ill spend 1 month like u but more destinations and it may cost $3000

Anyway, good luck with ur plan and enjoy cos discover new places n meet new ppl is the best thing in the world !!! Cheers

3. Posted by sahilyousif (Budding Member 8 posts) 5y

Hi there,

I had started planning with a budget of $2500 - $3000, and after doing a good amount of research online i feel i can complete the trip quite comfortably in that budget ( this includes tickets, visa, hostel, food and a daily allowance ).
Its will be my first time travelling alone in Europe too, but i have friends who have done this before and have inspired me to embark on this trip. As long as you do your research on places to stay and avoid wandering in nasty areas, you should be ok. A quick google search led me to this :
Hope its of help.