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2 backpackers traveling Thailand march 2012

Travel Forums Travel Companions 2 backpackers traveling Thailand march 2012


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41. Posted by wsfl_ (Budding Member 47 posts) 5y

Airasia is good and very reliable in asia. so don't worry!

42. Posted by megan93 (Budding Member 39 posts) 5y

Hi, i am going to be travelling the same area around that time. I am flying out to bangkok beginning of january 2013.

First time travelling and will be alone so am hoping to meet lots of people and hopefully find someone to fly out there with!

Would be great to meet up with some people along the way. I am doing north thailand into laos then to veitnam then cambodia then back into thailand to do the south then flying out to india. will be doing this route from jan 2013 for about 5 months or so. Anyone going to these places over that time get in touch!

Megan, Portsmouth.

43. Posted by Steve79 (Respected Member 330 posts) 5y

I flew with Air Asia loads of times when I was in SE Asia, they are fine!

44. Posted by megan93 (Budding Member 39 posts) 5y

sorrys guys i read the first post as 2013 not 2012!!

@ sean sutton, nice to see someone from portsmouth who is travelling! would be great to chat to someone near by about their travels.
where abouts in pompey are u from?

45. Posted by seansutton237 (Budding Member 51 posts) 5y

Hi Megan.. i was going to say think you read it wrong..

I am doing a similar route but without the India stop over.. i am heading down to singapore and bali instead...

I am from drayton... you? I leave in 8 days time.. but happy to keep in touch n let you know about it when i get back.. let you know where I enjoyed the most..

how come your going on your own then.. year is enough time to persuade a friend to go isnt it?

46. Posted by megan93 (Budding Member 39 posts) 5y

i'm only down the road behind portsdown hill. and yeah that would be great, id love to know peoples opinions instead of just reading stuff from the lonely planet books

none of my close girl friends want to go, a few of them are going off to uni ect as well.
plus im really going to meet people and apparently going on your own is the best way to do it.

how long are you travelling for?

47. Posted by seansutton237 (Budding Member 51 posts) 5y

oh are you - cool.. yer Iv not really read many of the books.. only got the thailand one.. they are quite interesting but personal experiences are the way forward i think.. there a few things my friends told me about which i want to do.. like tubing in laos.. full moon party obviously.. and id like to go diving out there a few times too...

oh right.. you dont fancy uni then? or just taking a year out..

Yes that is why i am going alone too.. heard its easier to meet people and just do your own thing but still tag along with people if you want.

I'm going for 5 n half months...

what made you pick India then? How long you spending in there?

48. Posted by megan93 (Budding Member 39 posts) 5y

yeah i looked at tubing in laos which looks a lot of fun, obviously full moon parties. gonna do a mediation course in north thailand as well and some volunteer work in the south.

no dont fancy uni at all. im working full time at the moment so i can save up enough and just leave! gonna do that route for about 5 and a half mnths then then come back to work for a couple of months then head to california to do burning man festival and work on the farms to save more money to go somewhere else and get myself into some kind of cycle aha.

probably about 5/6 weeks in india. gonna do the golden triangle which takes 3 weeks and thats delhi agra and jaipur then go to mumbai, down to goa then end it in kerala.

is it ur first time travelling?

49. Posted by seansutton237 (Budding Member 51 posts) 5y

yer first time for me..

you have researched your route a fair bit then.. thats cool..

i would love to go to california too at some point.. but i also want to do aus.. I am sure once im out there i wont want to come back!! lol..

Where else in the world you fancy going then?

50. Posted by megan93 (Budding Member 39 posts) 5y

are you nervous? i think i will cry when i arrive in bangkok on my own haha.

yeah you will get the bug and not want to come back? are you just going back to work once you get back to england or will you be going away again?

yeah id love to see aus, also china and canada. doing it all while im young and have no responsibilities ha.
id like to see more of europe too.

do you have anywhere else planned other than SE asia?