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81. Posted by Aldoellis (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y

@McNaught , We`re from Stirling, cheapest way I could find was also GLA to Brussels , around £140 ! Boom is only 30km from the airport so shouldn`t be too expensive. Tix are £180 for the 3 days but I`m not sure either if this includes camping ? If you find out let me know.


82. Posted by PhilBurt (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y

Ya'llreet people...

Yet to read all the pages but about to dive knee deep in the tinternet and try and fine some deals.

This looks the pinnacle of festivals am excited will be stopping off at the Dam either before or after.

83. Posted by Sanex (Inactive 7 posts) 5y

Quoting Aldoellis

@McNaught , We`re from Stirling, cheapest way I could find was also GLA to Brussels , around £140 ! Boom is only 30km from the airport so shouldn`t be too expensive. Tix are £180 for the 3 days but I`m not sure either if this includes camping ? If you find out let me know.


Final pricing details released, costs € 172,5 (Excl. admin fee),(doesn't include camping fees)
check out ... and as for the camping options, check out with pictures (camping) from last year's festival at

For those who were claiming to have purchased tickets in advance, those were fakes, see list of agents purpoting to have had presale tickets on tomorrowland's facebook page!!!

See y'all at tomorrowland!!

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84. Posted by shambles (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y

Hey guys ill add my 2 cents mainly towards Jess and Mjones

We have friends flying from Australia for this and for the tickets accom and booze bag for tomorrowland i think they worked it out to be like $725 (aud) for the 5 days 4 nights that they are planning for it.

Im flying over to america in less than a month but will be in europe in april/may working my way around so if u ever wanna meet up at some point with some more australians it'll be me and 2 females

P.s For anyone that hasnt watched it dont just settle for the short snip of the aftermovie check out this 30 min video of 2010 :)

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86. Posted by jaselee (Budding Member 16 posts) 5y

HI FRIENDS So some ov you are going to tomorrowland for the 1st time it will blow your mind, i have been to 78 festivals all around the world and still counting this year tomorrowland and creamfields once again carnt wait. Right peeps if your flying try to fly to brussels then train to antwerp,boom is around 20km from antwerp so train,bus,taxi to boom easy peasy if your camping buy tent in europe that way you wont go over your baggage allowance. To all my uk friends i have done this trip in so many differant ways but in my eyes the most stress free way is this. coach package: will pick up from most uk major cites travel to dover for ferry crossing then onto tomorrowland inclued is a 3xday full monster ticket into festival and a 4xnight ticket into dreamville camping and return travel all for £297 all you have to do is buy a tent easy peasy. just ask yourself on the monday after the festival your heads like mashed spuds and then you have to then worry about traveling 1000miles back to the uk one late connection and your stuffed been there done that not happy. doing it this way means i jump back on coach monday and sleep for 10hrs simpels all stress free. right if your thinking about the comfort rooms they are pricey 1000euros for 2 with tickets but you still have the cost ov your travel. i love camping and think its part ov the festival,nowt could get worst then 2011 creamfields it was a mud bath but still fanstastic. you can pay a little extra and get tomorrowland to put a 2man tent up with airbeds and light all done for you just like tangerine fields at creamfields all you do is get there and all done for you,or IF YOUR RICH there is a mansion for 11ppl at a cost ov 9800euros. if any ov you from uk are a bit nervous or scared cause its your 1st time then you are welcome to come alone with us we are doing the coach package from leeds we are a good crew ov lads and will make sure you are looked after and have a crazy time. well leave that one to you.WARNING: tickets go on sale to the world on april 7th @10am sites selling tickets now PLEASE STAY AWAY. last year tickets sold out within 5 days so be fast or you aint going and none ov us want that. so peeps i hope this has helped some ov you if you need anymore advice just post and i will reply as fast as i can. so STAY SAFE,GO STEADY,TAKE CARE this festival is fooking mental it will be with you for the rest ov your life, have a wicked time all, i now i will. thankyou for taking the time to read this peace.

87. Posted by Adam S (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y

Me and a few mates are coming over from Ireland, and I just wanna know how much money should I bring with me? And whats it like over there like if we buy a tent that it wont getting fucking trashed like in oxegen? Cheers in advance

88. Posted by jaselee (Budding Member 16 posts) 5y

hi adam Right mate you have not said how long your going for, if your going from thursday till monday which i do all the time then i work at £100 a day just depends what kind ov your into wink wink, so £500 is plenty mate just remember to save some ov that for your trip back i leave £100 in a locker till the monday that way i dont spend it. as for tents mate dont get nowt to flash as i leave mine there every year and i think it goes to a 3rd world country best thing to do mate is find irish,scottish,english peeps to camp with this is a hugh festival makes creamfields look like a school disco i have never had any problems mate so dont worry. some advice though make sure you get a locker 6euros i think and put all valubles in it, just gives you peace ov mind and then you can get totally off your tits. hope this helps buddy take care best regards jaselee;);)

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90. Posted by ahughes389 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y

Me and my friend are flying from Brisbane Australia into Barcelona and working our holiday around this festival! The places we most want to spend time in are Barcelona, Ibiza, London, Amsterdam and possibly Berlin if we have time, we want to do this the cheapest way possible in a 4-5 week time frame, we'll also be flying back home from Barcelona aswell. Do you think busabout/rail/flying would be the best way to get from plce to place? And how long would u recommend staying in each place? Also as much as we love to sightsee etc we are going over for the party more than anything else, in saying that are there other places you guys would recommend? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! :)

Also we would prefer to stay in a hotel for the festival rather than camp do u think the travel2dance hotel packages are the best way to go? Cheers!!

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