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Looking for travel buddies for next year

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11. Posted by Sammy S (Budding Member 12 posts) 5y

Yeah Singapore sounds great.... I also want to go to Borneo, and there are some great islands there for diving and snorkelling.

Wow... sounds like we might be going for a few years :)

How long were you planning to go for Matt and Nadey?


12. Posted by MattyRex (Full Member 126 posts) 5y

haha yeah sound like we won't come home. I really don't mind how long, as long as I've got money! Ive managed to save a bit over time with travelling in mind.

13. Posted by Sammy S (Budding Member 12 posts) 5y

From a few friends that have been, it seems that travelling on a really tight budget, you would spend £1500-£2k per month.

Flights are the most expensive thing, so if travelling by bus or boat, you could save some more...

Flights to Bangkok from UK are cheaper than some other areas around that part of the world, so possibly a good place to start.... :)

14. Posted by MattyRex (Full Member 126 posts) 5y

Yeah I heard around about that price per month aswell. And Bangkok sounds awsome. Ideal place to start! :)

Are you on Facebook or anything like that?

15. Posted by Sinead1106 (Budding Member 7 posts) 5y

heyy guys,

Im planning to go for as long as i can, my mates in oz and she was spending 1000 a month, which is quite good as its so expensive there. I think asia for me will probz be around 800 a month the travel around via bus and boat is so cheap! are you guys looking to stay in 5 star hotels? ha! seriously it can be so cheap to travel if you fully prepare which is what i will be doing.Im thinking defos travelling after the summer and all but see what happens! Im on facebook, If you want to inbox me i will add yous


16. Posted by MattyRex (Full Member 126 posts) 5y

If its that cheap then we should be sorted! 1000 a month in oz sounds really good. I thought it would be much much dearer.

Its gonna have to be after August for me, hopefully you guys are thinking kinda around the same time?

17. Posted by Sammy S (Budding Member 12 posts) 5y

Hi sinead and Matt,

Yep I'm on facebook. If you message me your name ill add you on there as its easier to talk. August sounds great.... Or even September if flights are cheaper then. I think I'd budget for 1500 a month, as I think that would cover it and hopefully a bit extra. Guess it depends on how often you fly... Or treat yourself ;)

So what would your ideal route be? I quite like the idea of not having too many travel plans.... As leaves ypu free to move.... But perhaps means you spend a little more.


18. Posted by travelimus (Budding Member 5 posts) 5y

Hi Guys
What a fab plan, i've been thinking of travelling Asia to end in Aus for a while now, i also don't have any friends who want to do the same. I wont be able to go till about October, i hope i can share the ideas with you so i can plan my trip too. Hope you all have a fantastic time, now to where to start and plan the route :)

19. Posted by Sinead1106 (Budding Member 7 posts) 5y


Matt ive added you to facebook and Sammy ive sent you my details to your inbox

Im not to bothered about routes etc once im out there i think things will be a lot different, As longs i have a flight to asia and can plan around that i think lol! Once i have ideas and such im mind i think i will call in to STA travel and maybe get some advice etc off them as i would need help with visas etc. Im probably looking to go after summer and all, i just want as much money as possible saved it so all is good.

Travelimus, You should get amongst it with us lol


20. Posted by travelimus (Budding Member 5 posts) 5y

Hi Sinead
I'd love to, but i can't . i'm a 'mature' traveller so need to save a bit more as wont be able to get a visa to work. I'm so excited i can;'t wait , but there's lots to research and plan for.