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Looking for travel buddy heading to Krabi, Thailand in Jan

Travel Forums Travel Companions Looking for travel buddy heading to Krabi, Thailand in Jan

1. Posted by ............... (Inactive 5 posts) 5y

Hey all,

I'm a 24f looking for fun and adventurous people to explore Krabi, Thailand and all its surrounding islands.

I'm planning on doing some snorkeling, kayaking, rock climbing and if i have the time, some jungle trekking.

I'm also a big foodie so i'll definitely be checking out the night markets in Krabi town. Also, wouldnt mind a beer or two on the beach watching the sunset.

Holla back if anyone else is heading in the same direction!


2. Posted by net_coops (Budding Member 6 posts) 5y


Im new to this and just found your post!
Im 24/f/ south UK.

Ive been looking to travel to Thailand over the last couple of months but like you, was looking for a buddy and a friend of mine recommended me to this website.

Have you been before at all?

Message me back if you fancy a chat :-)


Annette xx

3. Posted by ............... (Inactive 5 posts) 5y

Hi Annette,

No, i haven't been to Thailand before but i have heaps of friends who have.

I have got travel tips from a few of them on what i should do in Krabi and have been researching Thailand myself. Also, i don't have much time off work which is why i am only spending 4 days there. :)

How about you? Are you in Thailand already or still planning?;)

Shelin Xx

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4. Posted by net_coops (Budding Member 6 posts) 5y

Hey :)

No not been but like you, a lot of my friends have! Are you just spending 4 days in total in the whole of Thailand?

Still planning myself, the pictures look beautiful! Looking to do some scuba doing, snorkelling and whatever else is offered :)

Annette xx

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