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Anyone heading Australia November 2012?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Anyone heading Australia November 2012?


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1. Posted by Jowah (Budding Member 44 posts) 5y

Hey Guys, I know its a long way off. But was just seeing if anyone was planning on heading out to Oz November 2012. Got my visa end of last month so need to be in Oz by 24th nov. So was looking to head out either late October early November. Will be heading out on my own and flying solo. And as most people here, was hoping of meeting some travel buddies to travel with.
Still not decided where im flying into yet. Wanted to do the Solar Eclipse Marathon up in port douglas but at over $3000 entry, they can stick that. That's a lot of beer tokens. Was maybe thinking Sidney and Bondi beach for xmas and new year. Then maybe move on from there. But Still have nearly a year to set anything in stone.
Anyway, any advice, info welcome. Never really done anything like this before so will be pretty green.


2. Posted by Allysa81 (Budding Member 35 posts) 5y

Hi Jowah, that's when I'm planning roughly on going. Hopefully doing a contiki 25 day tour first, would love to go for at least 6 months up to a year but I've got some things to tie up first. Just in the process of learning to drive too as it'll be a good skill to have in Australia :)

What are your plans?

3. Posted by Jowah (Budding Member 44 posts) 5y

Hey Allysa. I didn't even know about contiki tours. Interesting. Sounds like a good idea. Do you know anyone who's been on them before? Whats the cost side of things for that?

Haven't really got any plans as such. The big idea at the mo, is to just spend a year in Oz, hit Nz for a few months. Then head to Indo, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos. Head up into China, Japan. The fly over to the states. The end up in Canada. Money dependent of course.
But as for Oz, Was just gonna get a few opinions of other people on the best place to start out. Bets places for work. Best places to party etc.

Good work on learning to drive. Could come in very handy! :)

4. Posted by Oz_Mad (Budding Member 52 posts) 5y

Hi Jowah,

Ive just come back from Australia at the start of the month, it was amazing!! I was there for 3 months on a tourist visa travelling from Cairns down the east coast to Melbourne.

Im thinking of getting a working visa this time and staying for a year or more

End of Nov/start of Dec is dates im considering and would really love to spend xmas and nye in sydney/Bondi Beach.

If you wanna chat, send me a wee msg.

5. Posted by Jowah (Budding Member 44 posts) 5y

Quoting Oz_Mad

Im thinking of getting a working visa this time and staying for a year or more

Your thinking? I think you've already made your mind up. :)

Really looking forward to the big adventure. Will be picking your brain about places you've been. Be nice to have some inside info...

6. Posted by shellben (Budding Member 43 posts) 5y

Hi guys, im leaving the uk around the 20th of nov. im heading out with a friend for three weeks then going solo. I dream to go to sydney for new year. i hope to see as much as oz as possible and head to new zealand for a month. it would be great if anyone wants to meet up on there travels, sure it is easy to meet people all in the same vote tho.

7. Posted by Oz_Mad (Budding Member 52 posts) 5y

Hey Shell,

How long do you think you will stay in Oz/New Zealand? I sooo want to be in Sydney next year to see in the new year and party on Bondi Beach on xmas day! The beach is beautiful and they have a big party there which I think lasts all day and night :)

Have you booked flights yet?

8. Posted by Allysa81 (Budding Member 35 posts) 5y

Hi Jowah and everybody,

Well the 25 day coach tour I'd like to do is from Darwin to Sydney, it's about £2319 season depending...I've been on two in USA and they were great fine and considering what you get, pretty good value too, here's a link below to their Oz tour page (there's all sorts of tours and worldwide too)

You are going everywhere! Will you work in these places too to fund your travels too?

I can't really advise on Australia as I've nit been yet but you'll get lots of advice here, I did, just ask anything and someone will give you advice, it's a friendly place!

I loved America, I went California, Arizona and Nevada on the west coast and from Louisiana all the way through the southern states up the east coast to new York, so many great memories, I loved it all although I preferred the east coast and southern states by a wisker (it's hard to pick a fave) if you have any questions about those I'll try to help.

I was also thinking of Sydney for the new year next year girls :)

Allysa x

9. Posted by shellben (Budding Member 43 posts) 5y

Hi everyone. Il be in brisbane for xmas with my sister although def up for sydney at new year. it would be great if some of you guys want company and have a party or two lol.

I intend to fly out on 22nd nov, prob from glasgow but not booked anything yet. I have my visa and hope to stay in sydney/nsw area for a couple of months. I m well excited , just dont wont to be lonely at new year, although im sure il meet plenty of people around hostels and meet up with people on here.

I plan to book a hostel in advance for new year as it will be busy with like minded travelers.
Thinking il book flights with sta they are quiet cheap. I need to save save, hope to be a pro at saving very soon. Il have a look at conteki tours to.

Ill be in oz for 11 months then new zealand for a month at some point. If i like oz i may come back or do 3 months rural work to get another year.

10. Posted by Jowah (Budding Member 44 posts) 5y

Hey guys.....
Looks like we could be organizing a new years get together in Sydney! Or bondi xmas day if your around. That is the only definite i have at the moment. Xmas on bondi, New year down Sydney harbour! After that... well, see how it goes.

At the moment im just trying to figure out where to start. Not sure if i will be going out October or November (depending how much money i got saved by then) If i fly straight to Sydney i can see me getting through some serious money by the time new year comes around. So was maybe thinking fly to Melbourne, travel up to Sydney just before N.Y, Then head up east coast looking for work after that. I want to eventually make it over to the west coast at some point. So much to do, and a year just isnt enough. Pretty annoyed i left it so late in my life to do this. No second term in Oz for me. I only just got my first Visa 2 days before my 31st birthday...Nothing like cutting it close!

Will be heading straight to N.Z after Oz for a month or so for a holiday, spend xmas and N.Y there. Then up in to Bali, surf that for a bit, then head into s.e.a
Need to look in to visa's for the U.S and Canada, but knowing my luck im prob to old. But hopefully be able to do something.

So how much you guys planning on saving? Or how much you hoping on taking with you?