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White Card/Blue card course online?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific White Card/Blue card course online?

1. Posted by Gooner_Ali (Budding Member 73 posts) 5y

Hi all

Was wondering if someone could tell me if I can do a White card course online without the need of going into a class room to get it? I will be Sydney in a weeks time and will need this card, Also can you complete it in my own country before heading to Australia?

Any help will be gratefully received!


2. Posted by Gooner_Ali (Budding Member 73 posts) 5y


3. Posted by markking (Inactive 1 posts) 5y

Your are probably already in Aus but for anyone else, my understanding is:

New South Wales (the state Sydney is located in) does not accept the online White Card course; only face to face.

It's strange but every state is slightly different. Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania will let you do the online version for their particular white card (they all look the same with the exception that the particular state is annotated on the card).

Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, ACT and New South Wales will accept another state's card even if done online. New South Wales will accept another state's card as long as it hasn't been done online. Clear as mud right?

Hope this thread helps

4. Posted by mixy88 (First Time Poster 1 posts) 4y

Hope it's not too taboo dredging up a kinda old thread. This answer took me a few hours to find an answer to so I figured it'd be worth answering to for people who are still searching for one...

Apparently all states now accept White Cards received from other states so you can get one in one state then travel around and work in all the other states. I just got my WA white card online -snip link-. The website isn't great at explaining, but essentially you do the course online and you're right as rain to work anywhere else (though apparently at your own risk if you want to work in SA :s). Anyways, course is a piece of piss, just takes ages....

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