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1. Posted by Verity77 (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!


I would be grateful for any advice travelling Asia. My route is as below and may (probably) change but not to much. I am 26 and female and am going on my own. I leave England 1st March and am spending 2 nights in Dubai.

Dubai - Thailand (fly in) - Chang Mai - Hanoi - Laos - Vietnam - Cambodia - Thai Islands - Malaysia - Singapore - Borneo - Bali - Thailand

I am not sure whether to do both Borneo and Bali, I want to keep costs down so if anyone could give me an idea of what they found best or any must see places to visit in either Borneo or Bali i would really apprecate it.

I welcome all advice from any of the above destinations frome places to see to pratical advice.

Thanks very much.


2. Posted by sebelasgal (Budding Member 57 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hello Ver,

Greetings from Indonesia.

Please check this out;
and you can google more for alternatives.
You can have an overnight cruise in river while visiting Tanjung Puting national park, go to Singkawang to see all the Buddhist temples; few nice beaches are also available in between those cities.
Bali is a right place to see Hindu cultures in Indonesia; there are few good beaches over there & as a place to do activities in sea like snorkling and diving.

I'm sure you'll find good suggestions from other members soon.
If you have a question about transit in Jakarta, do let me know as I live in the capital city.

Enjoy Indonesia!

3. Posted by vanbest (Budding Member 21 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

That's a long conversation for a topic of places to visit, there are so many in each country, can you imagine how many ? Best way to visit right places is to preread lonely planet, and once in a hostel in a country, get into group of travellers like yourself, it's very friendly backpackers athmosphere around there, well like everywhere, so ussually there you really decide where you will go, ofcourse major places like angkor wat, thai beaches, KL, north laos nature, you will not miss, but for all the details it is better to do prereading and as said, there are thousands of single travellers so you are never alone really, ofocurse got to pick right hostel to get into a right place, on there are ussually recomendation and best hostels to go to, so you won't make a wrong choice. I travelled asia single for 1 year, the only place where i was like alone was Bali, because it is not a backpackers place, still you meet people in hotel or in bar, but there are not hostels in bali.
Any other destination, each hostel i went i met people, and you travel together, share knowledge and experience and then you move to a next place.

One piece of advice, travel with AIRASIA.COM
I got my ticket from Hanoi to KL for 40$ and Bali to KL (kuala lumpur ) for 40$ something as well. And those guys serve every destination that you go to, so that's really the only choice for transportation for you on air, and I went from KL to southern thailand for 8$ by bus, sleepers bus, i had surprisingly good sleep there, and from Bangkok to Laos and from Laos to Cambodia, and from Cambodia to Vietnam all by bus, prices were like 40$ for one way.
There are tons of agencies tending to toursits in these countries, they are positioned in such a way that you can't miss them.
Also you can get a visa for Cam,lao at the border, but you can premake your visas in Bangkok through agencies you pay like 15$ extra for them to make it, and you have to make visa to Vietnam before arrival, and you have to tell them the date, ussually everyone makes their visas in BKK for onward travelling. There is a tourist ghetto called Khao san road in BKK, i think you will end up in there, it's packed with tourists, backpackers, and agencies, but it is a bit boring to wait for 10 days to get all your visas in such places, but if you enjoy partying every day you will not be bored, but other that BKK just sucks, another big city, they have temples and palaces, but in between huge anthouse for humans.
If you go to Bali, that is just factory of relaxation, maybe the best in the world, nightclub after another, huge megaparty, spirit is unforgetable really, but if you are so close to Java you should go to Borobodur and Prambanan temples, listed on unesco heritage sites, might cost a bit to get there from bali, but if you go to jakarta, get your ticket to yogyakarta, nice place on java and from there visit these temples and move on to bali. Another advice, bali airport is 2 minutes walking from bali, so don't take 10$ taxi.
Again as for places to see, there so many. you need 3 months to see thailand, well read up, they don't usually lie in LP, get some friends and enjoy.
Ofcourse that's advice for backaper's lifestyle, if you plan to stay in hotels, it is obviusly differnet, but they sell packages so you won't miss information.
I hope that helps


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