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how do you add photos from a cellphone

Travel Forums System Talk how do you add photos from a cellphone

1. Posted by rhislop (Full Member, 12 posts) 14 Jan '12 13:42

I want to add photos to my blog from my cellphone. How is it done? Thanks in advance for all help. bh

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin, 5579 posts) 16 Jan '12 01:35

What kind of cellphone do you have? If it's something modern (a smartphone so to speak), there are essentially two different platforms we have considered.

1. iOS (any iPhone/iPad): go to and follow the prompts. You basically need to install a third party app to help with this. A better solution is in the works.

2. Anything Android; go to and an upload area should appear that you can use, just like on the regular site.

Does that help?