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Just booked flights! End of april til August. anyone else?

Travel Forums Australia / New Zealand & The Pacific Just booked flights! End of april til August. anyone else?

1. Posted by katesarg (Budding Member 15 posts) 5y

I'm Flying in on the 26th April and staying until 8th August! I'm 22 and going solo! I'm a first timer so just want to know if anyone is heading to oz around that time and just general chat about plans/advice etc.
I'm flying in and out of Melbourne, and can't wait! :)

2. Posted by Gavin Sims23 (Budding Member 31 posts) 5y

hiya i also boooked my flights today im 23 going on my own and also my 1st time! im flying into melblourne trying to work and heading up the coast! whats your plans?? its gonna be mental just booked my hostel as well! u planning on working ect??

3. Posted by katesarg (Budding Member 15 posts) 5y

oh wow! well done for also taking the plunge! lol i just thought i have to do it today otherwise it wont happen and I'd be gutted!
Yeah I'm hoping to work as i go, need to sort my visa though.
I will probably stay in Melbourne for maybe a week or two to get my bearings etc then head onto Sydney for about the same then head on up the east coast too! But I'm trying not to plan too much or i'll ruin the spontaneity! may end up working in one place for 2 months then traveling up, depends on what jobs there are!
what date are you going? and where are you from? im from bristol/england

4. Posted by orna-genetta (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y

I'm 23, going by myself too. I booked flights the other day, I arrive in Sydney on the 10th May.

i'm plannin to stay in sydney for a few days, then fly or get a train up to Cairns, work for a few months up there then travel down the east coast to be back in sydney for new year then maybe carry on down and visit melbourne.

i'm hoping to get bar work and/or fruit picking or anything else really, not too fussy. so nervous about it, my main worry is not finding work but i've been told by friends who've been to oz and read on loads of forums that jobs are easy to find but doesnt stop me being a bit anxious!

i'm plannin to travel down the coast with oz experience, iv heard its a great way to meet ppl and it means after the one off payment, travel costs aren't a concern.

i'm the same though with wanting to keep some spontaneity. i want to just chat to people in hostels and tag along if it sounds like they're going somewhere cool.

5. Posted by katesarg (Budding Member 15 posts) 5y

Aww everyone that says they are going to work for a couple months make me wish i was staying longer! I dont think i'll really get into it doing a couple of weeks here and there!
Im looking for bar work i think or retail, which would be great for experience/cv type things but we'll see if that'll happen!! I'm a bit worried about not finding work after having paid for a visa! but i hope you are right that it should be pretty easy :)

I'm so glad you mentioned the oz experience, its something i looked at ages ago but had forgotten about! it looks pretty good actually! Have you already booked it?

i just hope all the non-planning pays off! but im sure ti will and we'll have great random experiences!