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3-4 weeks first time backpacking in Europe advice and help

Travel Forums Europe 3-4 weeks first time backpacking in Europe advice and help

1. Posted by lukeyk (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone,

First time post on the forum, looking for a little advice and guidance from those more experienced.

A friend of mine and myself, both 19, are looking to do some backpacking in between uni semesters this year. The dates we are roughly looking at is flying out of Melbourne on the 23rd of June and then getting back into Melbourne on roughly the 20th July. So not a whole lot of time but a solid 3 or so weeks. Looking at flights it seems as though it is far cheaper flying in and out of Paris rather than London. Any advice with flights??

Once arriving in Paris thinking of catching a train/plane onto London, and then staying in London for ~4 days, see some sights wimbeldon, westminster, st pauls, tate modern etc. Is the london pass worth investing in? especially with the travel included? On the last day a bus trip out to stonehenge and then later that day getting back to heathrow to fly out to berlin. Seems a lot of travel but hopefully should save a day in london.

Jumping on a plane from london to berlin. Berlin for 3ish days. Recommendations for things to see?
Then bus to dresden for a concert only in dresden for one night.

Another bus a bit further down to prague. Prague for two nights, check out the big/fancy castle there.

Prague to Stockholm to visit a friend. 5 days in sweden.

Stockholm to rome for sight seeing, colosseum, trevi fountain sistine chapel etc. 4 days rome

Then rome to paris, check out eiffel tower, lourve, arc de triumphe etc. 4 days in paris, before flying out of paris and back to melb.

Concerned about not spending long enough in places and also heavy reliance on many small plane trips, rather than something like a rail pass. Benefits of plane to see more countries, less time travelling, and only marginally more expensive than a 400 euro rail pass.

Anyways thats the rough plan so far,
Budget is between $4000 and $6000 per person, with the $1600 return flight from melb to paris included in that. Will be paying for hostels everywhere except sweden, will probably look to by travel passes in each of the cities for trams,buses, trains etc then just have to worry about sights, food and beer. Are there any other major expenses besides initial passports and insurance??

Thank you very very much for any help or insight, it is greatly appreciated,

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3. Posted by LaurenLolz (Respected Member 226 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

1. flights.. find something in or near your budget that will get you there. You can also check Wizz Air for cheap flights around europe (although at off beat, near big city airports, like Orly instead of CGD in Paris) .. and they tack on fees, leave on certain days, but its a budget airline.

2. London. I did not get the london pass .. because the eye was closed, and I really only wanted to see the Tate (of which was included). Up to you. Get the oyster card for the tubes though.

3. Berlin. check point charlie was the highlight of sightseeing, and go to a beer garden.

4. Prague. most people say they will go for 2 days and stay a week.. I did! In the winter no less. The Rad is ... meeh okay. They charge admission to every part almost. The petrin tower is cool, jewish cemetery, The site of the velvet revolution, if you don't know the history hit the commy museum. and get an unfiltered beer at Capeau Rouge!

5. Rome. 4 days is good.

6. Expenses: hummm... the jerk gurus on here say pack half, double your budget. I would at least have some kind of access to an emergency fund. Like a credit card that you may or may not use for everything else. I always bring mine just in case .. I did have to leave OZ after 2 weeks of being there on a WH visa.

4. Posted by Tom.Ethan (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Have a look at the Busabout Website it's an Aussie hop on hop off bus through Europe for backpackers and it might help you plan your trip.

We flew into Munich and used it to travel through Europe and to the UK and then back to Europe.

It's good way to see Europe on a budget.
Have a great trip!

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