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Round Trips in Stats

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1. Posted by Seraphael (Budding Member, 2 posts) 30 Jan '12 03:10

I wondered if there is any possibility to capture a round trip on the Maps?
f.e. I made a round trip of several days by camel in south of morroco. But the starting and the end point is in M'Hamid.
So in my stats I see the "Traveled by Animal" thingy, but it shows (naturally) 0 km. And there is no near town I could refer to (aka cheating :) )

thanks for your answers,


2. Posted by Peter (Admin, 5465 posts) 30 Jan '12 04:43

Hey Raphael,

You can add an extra stop to M'Hamid and then drag that out into the desert somewhere (click on marker icon and drag). I guess you'd have to roughly guess where you ended up. You can add a few of those extra stops as a way of creating a route. Your stops don't necessarily have to sit right on a town. That's usually just the easiest way of finding the general location. From there you can move the marker around quite precisely. Right down to the street corner if you desire ;)


3. Posted by Seraphael (Budding Member, 2 posts) 30 Jan '12 05:14

Wow! Ok thanks!