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Public Blog Comments Issue

Travel Forums System Talk Public Blog Comments Issue

1. Posted by Mike.Flynn (Respected Member 9 posts) 5y

I have enabled the "Anyone can comment" setting to "Yes" for "30 days", but I still get the "Comments on this blog entry are now closed to non-Travellerspoint members" message at the end of my blog. I tried toggling this setting to see if that fixed the issue, but I still can't get public comments to work. Is my blog able to have public comments?

You can check out my blog at

Thanks for your assistance!

2. Posted by Sander (Moderator 4940 posts) 5y

Are you maybe backdating your blog entries? (Changing the posting date?) Because your newest blog entry appears to be published in december 2011, which would be more than 30 days ago, and so not open to unregistered members.

'course, we probably should use the real posting time for calculating this, not the changeable label. (Sam/Peter, make the 30 day calculation use the utc_published date.)

3. Posted by Mike.Flynn (Respected Member 9 posts) 5y

I am backdating my entries. I try to release one entry per week and I'd prefer the posting date to match the travel date (so the archive date can be used to find entries based on travel date).

I didn't release that the 30 day limit was based on the posting date. Thanks for clarifying.

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5932 posts) 5y

Interesting, hadn't come across that issue before. Yeah, will clean that up! Actual posting time makes a lot more sense of course.

5. Posted by Mike.Flynn (Respected Member 9 posts) 5y

Thanks, looks like non-members can post on my blog now! :)