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Travelling to the West Coast of USA - with a RV camper !

Travel Forums North America Travelling to the West Coast of USA - with a RV camper !

1. Posted by fufu12 (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y

Hi Guys

We are from south africa - Cape town and my partner and i would like to take the west coast american road trip with a RV!

Here is our trip infor we are considering so far;

Traveling in July for 3 weeks

Starting at Los Angeles ( Pick up RV)

palm springs or long beach
phonix - Grand Canyon

Las Vegas
San francisco

We still trying to figure out which other places to visit. Do you think this is going to be an amazing trip??

We also will be driving up the pacific coast highway to San Francisco.

Currently looking for RVs to rent but could you advice which will be the best size for us ( we are 2 tall people)
we have not seen what an american RV looks like only in pics which can be decieving.

Can you please advise which places along the way is a must see?

any other infor will be helpful, weather , food , shopping? sightseeing ect

Thanks alot guys!!

2. Posted by Daawgon (Travel Guru 1997 posts) 4y

It would really help if you told us your ages, budget, likes and dislikes - thanks.

3. Posted by fufu12 (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y

Thanks for replying daawgon...

We are very open minded and enjoy what the world has to offer we enjoy everything from the nature to parting (ages 30 and 40)..which is why we decided to do this trip and gain new experiences in a new country. We would love to see both nature and the city life . We don't have a budget as this is a trip we take and do every 10 years :) so any info may help!