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1. Posted by Isadora (Moderator 13926 posts) 4y

I know, or think I remember this being discussed before... But, is there a way to extend the time-out period when posting a reply? I was in the middle of commenting in a thread when I received 2 phone calls I had to answer. Combined, they took 20 minutes. I came back to finish my reply. Thankfully, I remembered to copy my text. When I hit preview, I'd timed out. I copied my response into the reply box and clicked submit so my remarks are there. It also happens when I'm answering health questions and I take an extra few minutes to grab links or verify my wiki information is correct. (Note to self - update wiki links!)

Anyway, can the time limit be expanded a bit?

2. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5587 posts) 4y

You don't have the 'remember me' tickbox ticked when you log in? If so I don't think you'd ever see a timeout... at least that's my understanding of how it should work!

3. Posted by Isadora (Moderator 13926 posts) 4y

Interesting. About the only time I'm logged out is when the cookies expire. I always tick the 'remember me' box when I have to log back in. But, I've had this happen a few times recently. I now copy the text, if I think I've taken to long to answer something, just in case. I'll let you know if/when it happens again.

4. Posted by Isadora (Moderator 13926 posts) 4y

It just happened again in a post in Intros. I'm still logged in and have been for a few days.

5. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5587 posts) 4y

Hmm, weird. When this happens, you are say off answering a phone call, then come back and hit Preview/Submit as the first thing you do, or do you start typing again and then hit Preview/Submit? I'm not really sure why anything would time out in either case, but maybe Peter has some ideas :)

6. Posted by Isadora (Moderator 13926 posts) 4y

This time, I wrote my response (copied it) and hit preview immediately. I took no breaks between typing and hitting preview (except to do the command C before clicking preview).

7. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5587 posts) 4y

Did the typing take you a long time? What does the error message say that you get?

This is very strange, as clearly it shouldn't be timing out. Has this been happening for a long time? You do have javascript switched on I imagine?

8. Posted by Isadora (Moderator 13926 posts) 4y

I took about 3 minutes or less to type my response. There was no error message. I clicked preview and it brought me back to the page with an empty reply box. No 'You are only seeing a preview at the moment.' comment or anything. Just an empty reply box. I copied the text in again, hit preview, it appeared and hit submit.

Javascript is on. Java, Safari and the Mac system are all up to date too. I have no updates to download.

As for time - no - but it has been happening the last 3-4 weeks.

9. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5587 posts) 4y

Hmm, I've never ever seen that, but then again, I don't use preview, which I'm guessing is to blame here ;) You were just assuming it was a 'time-out' then (there hasn't been any error messages saying that)?

10. Posted by Isadora (Moderator 13926 posts) 4y

No error messages at all. I use preview with almost every post longer than a couple of sentences. Mainly because my train of thought alters and I want my comment to make sense. But, it has happened even when my replies are written in a very short time (5 minutes or less). I love the preview option so use it constantly.

So yes, took it as a 'timed out' issue. But, the reply I made in Intros today was quick with no interruptions and it still happened.