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Looking for Travel Buddies - Late September / Early Oct 2012

Travel Forums Travel Companions Looking for Travel Buddies - Late September / Early Oct 2012

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11. Posted by Danielle1985 (Budding Member 8 posts) 4y

Hey Emily,

I've just read your post. I have my flights booked and I fly into Melbourne on the 25th September. I was originally meant to be meeting a friend on arrival who flew ahead a month before me and then we were going to travel up the coast together. Today sadly she has let me down and I will no longer be meeting her and now questioning if I should do this alone as a bit terrified.

Would love to know more about your plan and chat and possibly meet if possible.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Danielle x

12. Posted by Alexc87 (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y

Hi there,

Just been reading this feed...i'm planning on travelling to Sydney (i think) mid-end october. I'm leaving it a little last minute i know but i've wanted to do it for ages and none of my friends can join me due to coupledom and general grown up-ness! i'm 25 and actually terrified of going alone but have been told by many people to just do it!
I'm only there on a 3 month tourist visa (but can extend i think) so it's all about the fun for me! kind of want to travel up the east coast and would love to do a whitsunday tour, but i know they're a little pricey.
Obviously not booked anything yet but if anyone's around sydney or anything at that time it would be nice to know there's someone there i could potentially tag along with!
Will post when i'm more organised as well!
Alex xx (I'm a girl, just so you know!)

13. Posted by Dovjoans (Inactive 3 posts) 4y

I am also looking for tour companions, but my destination is Tibet.

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