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Backpacker needs equipment suggestions

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1. Posted by sunnyboymaniac (Budding Member 2 posts) 5y

I am an old backpacker and an amateur outdoor photo inthusist. My old Cannon Rebel is too heavy and bulky for multi-day trips and my cheap Nikon point and shoot just don’t do the job. I like working in Photoshop with larger prints so I need a light weight, high MP camera. It must also have good zoom and other functionality and I’m not sure there is a compact out there that will do the job. Is there a backpacker or outdoor photographer that can make some suggestions and point me in the right direction? While I like the Cannon 5D or the Nikon D800, I’ve spent most of my retirement money on fishing, hiking and other outdoor gear, so I only have about $1500 left. If I spend anymore, my wife says I’ll have to push my car to the trail heads.

Thanks :)

2. Posted by overkill (Budding Member 32 posts) 4y

Whats about these Systemcams like Sony NEX-5? Almost a Digicam with changeable lenses.
If Canon Rebel is too heavy for you, I guess all others DSLR as well.

3. Posted by HarryNowell (First Time Poster 1 posts) 4y

Look at the Canon G series. The G10 or G11 or G12 may be the right camera for you!

Quoting overkill

Whats about these Systemcams like Sony NEX-5? Almost a Digicam with changeable lenses.
If Canon Rebel is too heavy for you, I guess all others DSLR as well.

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4. Posted by geraldphoto (Budding Member 10 posts) 4y

Look for the Nikon j1 that came outfew months ago. Great camera, small and you can change lenses. You will spend 1200$ and u ll have all what u need. Cheers

5. Posted by Niels1303 (Full Member 131 posts) 4y

In my opinion when you are looking for great picture quality that comes in a small package, the Sony nex system offers the solution. I also have a Canon DSLR, but usually leave it at home when traveling, because I like to travel light. The great thing about the Sony nex is that its sensor size is on par with the one inside your Canon Rebel. So it means a better control of the depth of field and better handling in low light situations. Since the sensor is so big, the lenses are bigger than on usual compact cameras, but since the nex is a mirrorless camera, the lenses are smaller than the DSLR ones. The downside of the nex is that there are not so many good lenses for it yet. The best bang for the buck is probably the Sigma 30mm 2.8 lens. Luckily Sony has integrated a very clever function called "peaking mode". The functions displays the are that is in focus on the lcd screen so it let´s you focus manually very easily and accurately. And this means that you can also use almost any kind of older manual lenses with it! I bought myself a Rokkor 50mm f1.7 for around 20 bucks that delivers stunning pictures! If you really want to make a bargain you could try to find a second hand body of the first nex-3. You should be able to get one for about 200 US$. And this is really the best picture quality you can buy for such a small amount of money!

6. Posted by Peter (Admin 5950 posts) 4y

I got the Fujifilm X10 recently and really love it. Nice small camera, great image quality, really good lens. And a very solid build that is extremely enjoyable to hold. It's a great travelling camera.

I've played with the NEX as well and was really impressed with the quality. The larger size does make it a little less attractive physically and a bit more cumbersome to carry around. But that doesn't matter to everyone.

The other camera that I really, really, really like the look of is the Olympus OM-D E-M5. That thing really ticks a lot of boxes for me, but is a bit pricier as well.

7. Posted by Niels1303 (Full Member 131 posts) 4y

That´s the problem with all the recent prosumer mirrorless cameras... they are often more expensive than DSLRs. :(