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"No Show" Departure Flight = All Flights Cancelled

Travel Forums General Talk "No Show" Departure Flight = All Flights Cancelled

1. Posted by CheezZZ (First Time Poster 1 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

Hello All,

I would be very grateful for some advice from anybody who has any information regarding this as i am rather stuck at the moment.

I had a lengthy list of flights booked as a package, and i didnt turn up for the first one. The rest of the flights, as per standard terms, were cancelled due to initial no show for the first flight. (i didnt know this at the time). i tuned up in london as i had made my way there by other means (didnt think it made a difference) and was quite shocked to find this out.

Anyway, fine.. i understand i guess, im told this is standard practice.

but since the remainder of flights were cancelled due to no show i assume i should be eligible for a refund? at least for the unused flights??

However the company i booked through (travel pack) say that as per their terms i am not elgible for a refund.

So my question is, since the flights had been cancelled, and most likely re-sold by the airline, i should be eligible at least for the tax back which is not technically belonging to the company "travel pack", but to the relevant governments who impose that tax. But that money has not gone to governments, instead travel pack hold it, as the flights are no longer booked.

If anybody knows for sure, i would appreciate it if you could share. Or if you know a better person/organization to ask it would be great.



2. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1839 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

You can claim your tax back on any flights you don't take but the fees are such that it is rarely worth it.

The point about the other flights is that THEY cancelled them. Not you. They had been paid in full for them so had no right to cancel them without your say so IF you could have taken them.

I was on a cruise many years ago when a family of four got back too late and the ship sailed without them. They took a flight to the next port and then boarded there and continued their cruise as normal. The liner did not turn them away and say they had forfeited their cruise places.

Do you have a Citizen's Advice Bureau nearby and "no win, no fee" lawyers available? Read the brochure conditions and see what that says.

They refused to allow you to board flights you had paid for and sold them on, making money from them that they were not entitled to. They will whine that it is all your fault and generally ignore you but that is to try and get rid of you. Standard practise.