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I want visit to Peru!!

Travel Forums Central/South America & The Caribbean I want visit to Peru!!

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1. Posted by alejandraore (Inactive, 3 posts) 21 Mar '12 03:09

I like to travel to Peru, I saw a movie about me cuzco and peru caught my attention, someone can guide me?

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3. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru, 1747 posts) 21 Mar '12 05:31

Pick up a Lonely Planet guide to Peru which has all the information you'll need, and book a flight to Lima. Many thousands travel there every week so you won't be alone.

There are a number of travel companies which do Peru but if you are on your own, you will usually incur heavy supplements.

I used Inkawasi a dozen years ago, which is situated in the Lima airport and at their offices in town paid for the whole trip. It wasn't badly priced but they gave me so much hassle in so many small ways that I would hesitate to recommend them to anyone else.

4. Posted by jud85 (Budding Member, 20 posts) 22 Mar '12 14:37

How many days or weeks will you be traveling and will you prepare your own trip or need a travel agency? Also, do you want to do the Inca trail 4days/3nights to machu picchu or just take the train?
Let me know and I can help you.

5. Posted by alejandraore (Inactive, 3 posts) 23 Mar '12 04:16

I want to travel the next summer for a couple of weeks, i want to go to macu picchu to, do you helpme with that? thakS!!

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7. Posted by jud85 (Budding Member, 20 posts) 23 Mar '12 10:38

Yes, I can help you but do you want to do the trek to MP and do you want to see the jungle experience a ceremony. etc. Let me know and I will help you.

8. Posted by jud85 (Budding Member, 20 posts) 23 Mar '12 10:39

Please let me know if you will do a trek to MP and if you are interested in the jungle. I will be happy to help you plan your trip.

9. Posted by alejandraore (Inactive, 3 posts) 3 Apr '12 05:43

yes i really go to MP!! everything, thanks for your help!! appreciate that!!

10. Posted by jud85 (Budding Member, 20 posts) 3 Apr '12 17:07

I suggest the following:
day 1 - fly from Lima to Arequipa - do a city tour and visit convent
day 2 and 3 - colca canyon and on 3rd day afternoon take bus to Puno and spend night
day 4 - Lake titicaca visit uros, taquile island and return to Puno for night
day 5 - day bus to cusco scenic route
day 6 - cusco city tour of qoricancha sun temple, cathedral, sacsaywuaman, qenko, puka pukara and tombamachay ruins
day 7 - sacred valley tour of pisac ruins/market, ollantaytambo, chinchero
day 8,9,10,11- inca trail to machupicchu
day 12,13,14,15 - fly from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado/tambopata
day 15 - fly from Puerto maldonado to Lima
day 16 - Lima - Paracas/Islas Balestas
day 17 - Nazca lines
day 18 - Lima city tour

If you have more days you can fit in more.
Recommended agencies:
for ayahuasca or san pedro ceremonies - website will be up again next week
Let me know if you have anymore questions.