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What to wear to a holiday party?

Travel Forums Off Topic What to wear to a holiday party?

1. Posted by James Kelly03 (Inactive, 4 posts) 21 Mar '12 03:52

Hello all,

I am going to a dance holiday party. I don't know what to wear. Its the first year that's it at a restaurant. For the past two years its been at a dance studio. Two years ago I threw on a pair of jeans and a shirt. Last year I had a cute dress on. I have know idea what to wear this year because the change of venue. Thanks for the help!


2. Posted by Isadora (Moderator, 13924 posts) 21 Mar '12 11:20

Given your past attire, I'd chose business casual especially with the new venue. It bridges the gap between jeans and a cute dress. Just make sure the wardrobe is comfortable since I'm sure several styles of dance will be part of the party. Casual slacks, button shirt or classy t-shirt with a sports jacket. Alternatively, throw on the jeans with a classy t-shirt (no 'in your face' logos) and sports jacket.

If the party is held in private room, then the jeans thing can work. Regardless, again considering the venue even with a private room, the cute dress probably won't be the best idea.

Ask the other attendees you know what they plan to wear and take it from there. Personally, I would choose something not too outrageous and still makes a statement. Think about what statement you want to make and go with it. If you were just doing to that particular restaurant, what would you wear - just spice it up a bit for the party aspect.

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