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7 days in Canada, what to see?

Travel Forums North America 7 days in Canada, what to see?


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11. Posted by Tory-Vic (Budding Member 87 posts) 4y

thank you so much guys!!!!!
I dont think i can make it 2 weeks, as My main plan was Alaska.
Max i can do, i think is 10 days.
As for what i like, I love everything outdoors activities, nature and most of all street shows and festivals. I know it sounds crazy to spent just 7-10 days there, and being from Russia I understand what it means to visit a big country..... I want to see as much as I can and i sure understand that I cant see everything.
I will not rent a car, but i have no problems with flying as many times as needed.
You guys are real helpfull, I am checking now all the places from your posts, the problem is: all places you named look real great and I cant make up my mind :(

12. Posted by dbl-nkl (Budding Member 26 posts) 4y

Because you like traveling & languages, you might consider Montréal and Québec City, maybe Ottawa.

These cities & areas are very tourist friendly & would likely keep you busy in attractions, food and general "touristing", while not spending too much time on the road for a 7 day journey. All are photogenic destinations also.

These destinations would also be a significant change from Alaska, your next destinations.

Flying in & out of Montréal is probably your best bet for international flights anywhere.


13. Posted by dbl-nkl (Budding Member 26 posts) 4y

I have thought of another destination because you are a seasoned traveler.

The Queen Charlotte Islands off the coast of northern British Columbia, actually close to Alaska.

It is the most exotic place I've been to in Canada. I think of it as a tropical area in a northern temperate climate. It is relatively small and sparsely populated but I was curious about everything everywhere I went. So a week would be ideal.

Everything is unusual. You could take canoe or float plane or boat or helicopter trips to Haïda sites on other islands. Or just rent a car for a few days.

You would fly in and out from Prince Rupert then take a 6 hour ferry or a plane trip to the Islands.

Again, welcome.

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14. Posted by Tory-Vic (Budding Member 87 posts) 4y

Well, I canceled Alaska,
so in In Canada i will keep:

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario
Vancouver, British Columbia
Kelowna, British Columbia
Montreal, Quebec
Quebec City, Quebec

I think i will chave to choose betwiin Toronto and Ottava :(
or cancel British Columbia?????
i cant do all in 10 days :(

15. Posted by Tory-Vic (Budding Member 87 posts) 4y

and I still want that canoe trip from the previous post....

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17. Posted by Tory-Vic (Budding Member 87 posts) 4y


18. Posted by Josephp (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y

There are many places in Canada to visit. Don't try to cover all the places, but try to enjoy your trip & the places that you are seen... Try to visit more famous places...

19. Posted by Tory-Vic (Budding Member 87 posts) 4y

thanks! :)

20. Posted by Karentto (Budding Member 4 posts) 4y

I'm a Vancouver resident and I found this list today that is pretty good: is by "Tourism Vancouver" but I looked at Part 1 and it's a decent list of what you can access in our city. We're famous for making it possible to go hiking in the morning, kayaking around lunchtime and then end your day with a swim or dinner on a beach all in one day! I've also heard from people who are not from here that the city is multicultural in terms of food beyond most places they've been. Cycling around the seawall is a great way to see the city as well--you can bike around the Kits area and Granville Island market (top attraction for locals and travellers alike) then to Science World & Chinatown to Yaletown to Stanley Park. Vancouver is pretty hilly aside from the seawall route but if you're a strong cyclist, it's do-able.

For Kelowna, if you're interested in wine, I'd suggest building a trip around wine tasting. It's casual and unpretentious and the Okanagan is beautiful.

Good luck planning your trip!