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Bangkok where to go within 5 days? pls advice :)

Travel Forums Asia Bangkok where to go within 5 days? pls advice :)

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11. Posted by paulj2012 (Budding Member 12 posts) 4y

Well you have enough five days to explore the main places of Bangkok. If you want to go to Kanchanburi think about staying overnight as there are plenty of cheap guest houses. While there visit the Tiger temple, 5 Pagoda Pass,, death railway, and the bridge. It is about 4 hrs drive from Bangkok. While in Bangkok visit wat Prakow and the palace. Day trips to Arutayah and the floating market are easy to arrange. Shopping is great, Chatuchak market is well worth visiting.

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12. Posted by grace tweety (Budding Member 26 posts) 4y

Hi Lester,

Yes you can recommand me which hotel you refer to, is own by malaysian? thats great!

Yes i'll be going to france, switzerland and italy this september, so exicted!
2013 planning to go new zealand, wanna try sky diving!! wohoo..
do you know any sites or any to get cheap airline ticket? haha

13. Posted by LesCrazy (Full Member 43 posts) 4y

Hi grace,

wow. Switzerland is beautiful. Should give yourself a week or 2 to explore that country. I don't particularly like Italy because is quite dirty everywhere i go. Be sure to visit Venice!

2013 is still very long. Recently there is a new tourist attraction in Christchurch, New Zealand called Tanks for Everything. You should google it and check it out.

I personally don't book air ticket from the agent site because they are unreliable and cheaters. I book direct from the airline during the promotional travel period which is cheap. You can try Air China which cost 1300 SGD to fly to Italy. Is a good airline so don't get turn away by the word "China". haha.

14. Posted by grace tweety (Budding Member 26 posts) 4y

Hello Paul,

Hi, i saw your profile and know you are fr switzerland! Great!
I'm going to Switzerland this 4 september. though is going with tour. but would like to ask you, which places can i have husky dog sled ride? is it available during the time i visit?

Pls advice me, which places and landscapes is worth to go :) thank you

15. Posted by grace tweety (Budding Member 26 posts) 4y

Hi Lester,

So you been to Switzerland? which places can i have to husky dog sled ride?
im going with tour in sep. yes going to venice, rome, ... Switzerland you must go before 25 year old, everything is half price, my friends told me ^^

16. Posted by Four-4-2 (Budding Member 74 posts) 4y

Make sure you go to Wat Po! The temple is amazing and make sure you visit the massage school there. been many times now. Highly recommended.

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