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Travelling Alone is Awesome !!

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11. Posted by saidch (Budding Member 35 posts) 4y

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Hi There,

These are my favorite types of threads to find on TravellerPoint. It's great to hear about a personal experience and seeing this forum used to really share emotional insight. I hope to see more back and forth conversation on this topic.

Firstly I want to commend your initiative to plan and take this trip alone. Sometimes I think vacationing gets confused with traveling. Vacation to me can mean getting a group of friends together in search of leisure and relaxation. When it comes to traveling I see this as a deeper cultural learning experience. I would consider myself introverted when it comes to this and would rather to do on my own.

I took a flight from London to Florence last spring. I was going to visit and stay with a friend, but she was in classes this particular week where as I was on vacation. So while she was tied up during the day I took to the winding streets for an adventure of my own. With just an outdated map I had loaded on my iPod a few days earlier and the Orno River as my compass I made my way around the city.

When i look at all the little trips I have taken to cities around Europe, I feel that I left Florence with the most comprehensive experience. Because without a to do list and endless tours lined up I really experienced every day life not to mention not sticking out as a tourist like a soar thumb!

I would love to hear the groups thoughts or similar experiences! Should I take more trips alone like this? When you do travel alone what should I be aware of? (besides obvious safety concerns)


Hey there,

Thankyou for your answer! you're right about the cultural side of traveling! when i was alone i felt like i was living with the city,! it was really great! i saw a girl with a big paper drawing on the street, i looked at her for 30 min, ho she was drawing, it was amazing ! ( i couldn't have done it if there were people with me) and then i bought her drawing!

After Lisbon , i think it's really exciting to have more trips like this! especially for cultures that are really different from us! i'd like to go to China, Thailand,... they have a culture really different so i guess being alone helps to understand them better !(not just go take pictures of their building and stuff.. ;) )

That's my opinion :)

12. Posted by madpoet (Respected Member 413 posts) 4y

I absolutely agree: travelling solo is great! I like to have the freedom to go where I want, when I want, and do/not do what I choose.

Also, when you are by yourself it just seems easier to meet people: other travellers or local people. I guess solo travellers are more approachable. I've had great experiences meeting people on the train, hanging out with other travellers in Russian and Egyptian hostels, getting lost with some foreign students who were visiting Corinth, Greece (we couldn't find a bus back to town) and so on. If I had been travelling with others, I don't think those encounters would have happened.

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14. Posted by TravelGirl0513 (Inactive 10 posts) 4y

Quoting laurim

I, too, enjoying traveling solo and glad to hear other people, women especially, enjoying it too. It really gives me a sense of accomplishment that I can figure out trains, subways and everything else all by myself in a county where I don't speak the language. And I think being alone forces me to talk to more people than I would if I had a built-in conversation partner. Sure, sometimes it can be lonely but I know that feeling will pass as soon as I start a conversation with someone. That's why I like to take the occasional tour, like the segway city tour or the night tapas tour I'll take in Madrid this June. Nothing like a shared activity to meet fun people. You spend enough time with them to have fun but not enough to get crabby and sick of each other ;) I also try to wear t-shirts with conversation starters printed on them, works great especially if it leads to me meeting someone from my home state and I can get over some homesickness.

I do a combo of planned and unplanned activities. I'm not much for endless wandering because of my knees and some activities have certain times you need to meet, like the Paris Catacombs I really want to see. But, hey, I'm solo so I can do whatever I want!

P.S. I sometimes have a fantasy that I'm going to be someone totally different than my regular self. Like a secret Mata Hari spy or something. It's hard to keep up the act the whole trip but it's kind of fun to think about.



I love your imaginative t-shirt idea!

To go along with what you are saying I love the anonymity you feel when you are walking in a city on your own. Even in the states, its cool to feel incognito as if no one knows who you are so you can pretend to be anyone you want

Also, totally agree that traveling and navigating alone makes you feel such a sense of empowerment!

15. Posted by laurim (Respected Member 260 posts) 4y

Quoting TravelGirl0513


I love your imaginative t-shirt idea!

To go along with what you are saying I love the anonymity you feel when you are walking in a city on your own. Even in the states, its cool to feel incognito as if no one knows who you are so you can pretend to be anyone you want

Also, totally agree that traveling and navigating alone makes you feel such a sense of empowerment!

I'm hoping my Fangtasia t-shirt introduces me to some Spanish True Blood fans

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17. Posted by wizzmor1977 (Respected Member 225 posts) 4y

Great thread,

I first travelled alone around 10 years ago, was heading on a surf trip to France with a couple of mates, who, both had to pull out for various reasons.

Man, i Ummed and Ahhed, will i go alone?, do i go alone?, can i go alone? Well..............i did go, I threw my board in the car and went for it, i am not exageratting when i say this was the best decision i ever made.

Travelling alone gives you complete freedom, go where YOU want, do what YOU want, and if you dare, do absolutely nothing if YOU want to. :)

Some folk bang on about lonliness, but really you are never alone, you can always find other travellers or even locals to talk to, hey, if allelse fails there is always the "old faithful" bar tender to spin a yarn with.

We also spot lots of posts on here looking for companions to travel with and thats cool, the added security of being in groups/pairs is an important commodity to some people, however if i were to offer some advise, especially aimed at first timers or newbie's, try not to make this condition a be all and end all, chance's are most "easy", first time destinations (think Thailand, Oz,NZ) are cram packed with backpackers/travellers all in the same situation, just rock up to the nearest hostel/bar/cafe and you'll be chatting to someone in no time.

Good luck and Happy travels,


18. Posted by Cyberia (Travel Guru 1834 posts) 4y

I've been travelling alone since 1974 and wouldn't have it any other way. I go where I want, when I want. If I want to walk for hours and hours or to sit in an internet cafe all afternoon, I do it and no one to whine about doing other things.

I see people in their fifties and sixties who act doddery and I think this may be down to being with a partner all the time and not making any decisions of their own but always checking with their other half to see what they think.

19. Posted by grace tweety (Budding Member 26 posts) 4y

Hello Said;

Glad that you are enjoying over the trip you spent! Thailand? i'm going on 1st may..5 days 4 night!
i just posted recently to seek for advices, currently we are working out of itenery..

20. Posted by sakshiverma (First Time Poster 1 posts) 4y

Your post is just awesome keep posting like this will be waiting for your next post dear:)