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Spam subscribers - can they be blacklisted?

Travel Forums System Talk Spam subscribers - can they be blacklisted?

1. Posted by mohn (Respected Member 42 posts) 4y

I've been getting spam subscribers every couple of days for a while - at least I'm assuming they're spam, though I suppose it's possible that Cialis vendors are genuinely interested in my blog ;) They tend to use only a couple of e-mail addresses, so I was wondering if it might be possible to have some sort of blacklist that means that those addresses can't be added as subscribers? Since I would guess that these spammers are probably adding themselves to other people's subscriber lists too, that would help to cut down spam subscribers across the whole TP membership.

Having said that, spam subscribers aren't necessarily a big deal. My main worry is that if I don't clear down the subscriber list for a while and end up with a few dozen, then I might accidentally delete the one genuine subscriber who had signed up in amongst all the spam.

Sorry if this has been mentioned before but I didn't see a similar thread.

2. Posted by Peter (Admin 5907 posts) 4y

So the emails subscribing are actually spammers? Do they actually post spam on your blog as well? There are blocks in place to avoid spam comments, etc. but not spammers subscribing since there isn't really any damage done by that.

We could create a blacklist for email addresses, but spammers rarely use the same email addresses anyway, so I kind of doubt it would affect them much.

3. Posted by mohn (Respected Member 42 posts) 4y

The subscribers are definitely spammers (sample names: Diazepam, cheapest Tramadol, Xanax No Prescription, Ambien, Generic Cialis) and it's the same two addresses over and over again (37 separate subscriptions in the last month). However I haven't had any spam comments. As mentioned, not a big deal just an inconvenience.

4. Posted by Peter (Admin 5907 posts) 4y

It sounds like a bot just filling out any old form it finds. In fact, it's totally pointless for them to subscribe to blogs, but hey. What we can at least do is put in a stop to avoid people subscribing with the same email address twice. That's rather pointless anyway.