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31. Posted by areinstein (Travel Guru 2788 posts) 12y

Quoting daveh

I don't know if it's something i do because i was in the military, but i have always done my own ironing. One ex-girlfriend started ironing my things, i used to thank her, tell her she didn't have to and then iron the clothes again anyway. I ended up doing her ironing!!!!! I also keep my house very clean. Visitors are often suprised at how clean it is, assuming because i am a bloke living on my own that my house should stink and i should have crap lying all over the place.

Well Daveh, you sound like a keeper... Post some lessons for our male forum pals, I am sure the females will appreciate it.

32. Posted by daveh (Travel Guru 1027 posts) 12y

What - and make life easier for you girls, no chance!!!!!!!!

33. Posted by areinstein (Travel Guru 2788 posts) 12y

I tell you husband does EVERYTHING in our house (except the cleaning, I do that) and there isnt a chance in this world I would ever leave him...not just for that of course, but he definitely scores huge with the girls when they all hear what he does around the house.

If you help "train" all the guys to get them ready for the girls in waiting, I think you can consider yourself as having done your part in this world and some day very very far away may your soul rest in peace for contributing a bit of yourself to our humanity...AMEN

34. Posted by Bruce85 (Budding Member 54 posts) 12y

Quoting daveh

What - and make life easier for you girls, no chance!!!!!!!!

Do we deserve that?

35. Posted by lil j (Travel Guru 1303 posts) 12y

yes it's all in the training!! haha!

one of my mates sister's is getting married and her fiance-who happens to be an ex's best friend-besides the point!-he is a cleaning freak-hes obsessed. she will do the housework and he will go round and do it again.

She once dropped the iron on the carpet (beige)and she did a runner before he got home!! haha-i find this hillarious! she's only early 20's and hes only mid 20's! madness-i am a clean and...well fairly tidy person but this is just way OTT!-there's more to life.