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1. Posted by kirstysutt86 (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

HI all

Im looking to travel to Austatrlaia in September 2012. Im hoping to start off in Sydney then travel around and get work whilst traveling.
I will be traveling on my own which doesnt bother me, but if someone is traveling out same time that would be great beacuse from previous experience i know it is one hell of a long flight! but worth it!
Sooooooo my questions to you all are;
How easy is it get work out there?
Can you offer any advie on booking my flights, accomaadtion etc?

Any advice and tips will be very useful x x x x x x

2. Posted by River88island (Budding Member 36 posts) 4y


Im looking at booking my flights out around mid of september and looking at flying to Brisbane as heard work is easier to get around there. The flights are loooong and im trying to find a travel buddy for not only the flight but for a few weeks or even more, until i get my feet on the ground over there.

Best prices are with STA and they guarantee to beat any quote so its worth a try. Im tempted to get a RTW flight as they seem alot cheaper and you get to visit other countries for only a few pound more! :) id love to go back to thailand and also visit the usa on the way back.

Do you have any plans yet? have your visa? Iv just been granted mine so im extremely excited about it all now :) xx

3. Posted by grizormz (Budding Member 42 posts) 4y

Hey! I arrive in sydney on the 7th of september :)
As for accommodation and stuff i opted to do a intro week, just so i'm not fretting about anything for the first week and its a good way to meet other traveller's!
Griz xx

4. Posted by River88island (Budding Member 36 posts) 4y

Hey Griz!

You going on your own then? How much have you paid for the intro week? im soo tempted to do it but i've read its a waste of money but supposed to be great for meeting people! :)

Im looking to find a travel buddy as im dreading the flight and want to be able to experience everything with someone else.

Would love to hear of your plans :)

Emma x

5. Posted by kirstysutt86 (Budding Member 2 posts) 4y

Emma the intro week is about $600 I think so obv alot less in pounds, I've had a friend who done it and Said it was a fab way to meet ppl, and I spose helps u get your bearings plus u do quite a bit with thm!
Griz how much was your flight? r u also flying out on own x x