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Help Please! U.S. Student Trying to Move to Austria

Travel Forums Europe Help Please! U.S. Student Trying to Move to Austria

1. Posted by BabblingBrooke (Budding Member 4 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

So, I am currently a student at UNO in Omaha, Nebraska. And I would like to move to Austria! I have been trying to plan my trip for the past five months. Reading forums, reading Austrias website, e-mailing the Austrian embassy in Chicago and just overall becoming very stressed out. I thought I had everything figured out, I would attend the University of Innsbruck for Strategic Management Masters degree (held entirely in English because I do not speak German...YET!) I would apply (and hopefully get in since I have good grades, have always held AT LEAST one job and I participate in numerous student organizations) and then I would apply for my Student Residence Permit (which usually takes up to three months).

So, I purchased my plane ticket for June 18th. Then I hear from the University of Innsbruck that they will be changingtheir admissions polices. I have already gone through this with Management Center Innsbruck (MCI). MCI changed their admissions fees recently 364 Eur to 3000 Eur a semester which I cannot currently afford (I am working three jobs just to make enough to move to AT and live off of for six months). So anyways, Univ Inbk has changed their policies as well, they are currently unsure of what they will be changed to so I have no idea when I will be accepted and, as most people know, as a US citizen I only have THREE months to stay in Austria legally without a permit. This gives me until September 18th or I will be kicked out! It takes up to three months to get a permit so if I do not know when I will be accepted (or what the new entrance requirements are) I am in a bad spot. I also was told at one point that I would be accepted to the Univ Inbk as long as I met the entrance requirements (which I do) but that complete acceptance was based on the first two weeks of class. (Which is October!) I want to move in June. I have already purchased the ticket for my dog and myself and I already have an apartment...

I would not be opposed to attending school next semester/year if I have to and spend this semester/year traveling, learning the culture and improving my German. So...from here I began looking into Au Pair positions (but I am bringing my dog and already have an apartment). But again I was let down, unfortunately from my understanding I need to have at least a basic proficiency in German in order to apply for an Au Pair visa. (I know some basic stuff but I cannot have a conversation...) So I started looking at classes. I cannot take a German class until I graduate (I am working three jobs and taking another class would just put me over the edge right now). I e-mailed the embassy and they told me they could not tell me what courses would be accepted. So now I am stuck...I have my plane ticket....I have no idea what other options I have for staying in Austria besides a work visa (which I would also do) but you also need to know German to apply for this visa. Even if a company hires you without knowing German, to get the visa you need to take a class. I am stuck and I need help. Any advice would be appreciated.

So ....what does a girl with a Business Management and Marketing Bachelors Degree do who does not know German in order to move to Austria?

Are there any online classes that you know of that would be accepted for an Au Pair permit or a work permit? Especially ones that may be completed at an accelerated rate?

If I am initially accepted into the Univ Innsbruck would this be enough to get a Student Residence Permit?

How long does it typically take to get a Residence Permit? Is there any way to get it faster?

Thank you so much for your time and again..any help is appreciated

2. Posted by amsel07 (Budding Member 55 posts) 5y Star this if you like it!

I can well understand that you are confused and disappointed. I don't know the exact procedure for Austria but generally to study in an EU country you need to have a student's visa. You apply first, get accepted by a university and then apply for your visa.
The same with a work permit or an Au pair permit: You apply for a job, get accepted, and then apply for the visa. A work permit can take very long.

What is definitely not a good idea is to go to Austria on your 90 day visa-waiver and start either studying or working. The visa waiver is for tourists only and any violation of this will endanger your chance of getting a long-term visa.

Can you go to Austria in June as planned, stay in your apartment and try to catch as much Austrian as possible? I think that's your best move right now.

A very good website for information is toytown Germany

Afaik there is no toytown Austria, so questions about Austria are covered there as well.

Good luck.