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Very important before you go travelling

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1. Posted by Four-4-2 (Budding Member 74 posts) 4y


I just wanted to write this short post as I know it could save people a lot of trouble, money and stress.

A brief background
When last travelling around Asia, I had my passport stolen. To cut a long story short, I almost ended up in a Thai holding cell for the weekend due to imigration issues, ended up lossing around £1000 and had a very stresfull couple of weeks.

One bit of advice I was given by the English embassy in Bangkok is to ALWAYS have a photocopy of your passport.

If this had been the case, the re-issuing of a new passport would have been a lot quicker and I would not have encounterd any problems with Thai police.

As well as taking a copy of this with you, I strongly recommend emailing a photo of your passport to your email address so that if you lose the copy, you will always have this avalible to print.

Remember, spending two minutes to make copies of your documents can save you a hell of a lot of money, time and stress.

Make sure you do this before you leave. Its always better to be safe then sorry!

2. Posted by LesCrazy (Full Member 43 posts) 4y

Hi Four-4-2,

thanks for your sharing your unfortunate experience in Thailand. A simple question is how your passport got stolen in the first place?

For me i always keep my passport and money in my small travelling waist pouch and hid it underneath my shirt If you are doing backpack. Always cover your backpack to prevent anyone from sneaking behind your bag.

Is not only making a photocopy of passport important, is also important how you you keep your valuables in a tactical way. :)


3. Posted by Four-4-2 (Budding Member 74 posts) 4y

I agree,

Unfortunatley I was on a moped and someone delibratley crashed into us and took it after we had been knocked down. Luckily no one was hurt!

Prevention is important but also make sure to make coppies as sometimes, these things just happen!

4. Posted by LesCrazy (Full Member 43 posts) 4y

Hi Four-4-2,

I have made copies for all my identification documents since the first time i traveled. :) haha Actually no where is safe. Professional thieves are everywhere even in a developed country like mine.

By the way do get clothes that come with zipper pockets. They may act extra security to your belongings.

5. Posted by Kiwi_Dan (Budding Member 45 posts) 4y

Correct me if Im wrong but you were on a motorbike, got purposly knocked off and someone stole your gear while you were Koed on the ground?

Then you near go to Jail because someone stole your gear.

Sick story. :)

The Thailand Police are a bunch of corrupt criminals anyhow. Standard.

[ Edit: Edited on 02-Apr-2012, at 02:54 by Kiwi_Dan ]

6. Posted by Four-4-2 (Budding Member 74 posts) 4y

I'll try keep it as short at possible but I had a flight to Bali that night. I went to Thai immigration to sort out my entry stamps so I could leave the country but I had been in Thailand for just under two months and the regular visa only allows for a month. This was all legal however as I had be given a special 2 month visa in London beforehand but the Thai immigration said I was lying. Due to this they tried to stich me up and said just go to the airport with this document and you will get through.. Anyway, there was another girl in Imigration who was crying and I spoke to her to see what was wrong. She had been told the same thing and had contacted the English embasy before doing what the Thai imigration had said and was told that if she had gone to the airport she would of been detained for trying to illegaly cross the border...

Anyway, i managed to sort it all out in the end!

7. Posted by Four-4-2 (Budding Member 74 posts) 4y

P.S Im going back to Thailand next month! haha cant wait

8. Posted by Kiwi_Dan (Budding Member 45 posts) 4y

They said you were lying hoping you would give them a back pocket deal and pay them off. Never trust any officials in Thailand.
Such a nice place but very corrupt.

9. Posted by Four-4-2 (Budding Member 74 posts) 4y

There was no way I could offer them money in a government building though. I would have seriosuly been fu*ked then lol

10. Posted by Kiwi_Dan (Budding Member 45 posts) 4y

You think the goverment building is ligit?. Haha. But yea, as you said, probably not the nest thing to do.
Thats what puts me off travelling some places. I just cant be bothered with the BS. As nice as the places are to visit I dont have time for paranoia and stress.
I want to have a good time only. Not worry about going to jail over the most ridiculous mentally challenged issues these places have.