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1. Posted by Sandalsand (Respected Member 45 posts) 4y

Photos tagged to a specific location before or after uploading to Travellerspoint do not always appear in the country count. I have several times been looking for a particular picture by filtering the list of photos by country. Quite often one or several of the pictures do not show. When I remove filters and browse all photos it is there alright, and with an apparently correct geographical location as well.

Also: Quite a few times I have uploaded pictures which I have geotagged in Picasa or Microsoft Photo Tool, and they show up in Travellerspoint without the location. (Sometimes even without the correct "Date taken".)

Any help?

2. Posted by dyakhnov (Full Member 27 posts) 4y

Hi Sandalsand,

I have just tried to upload a random photo geotagged in Picasa and everything went well, locating photo automatically to the right spot.

Can you send me one of your photo, which can't be automatically located to dmitry [AT], so I can see details to handle the case.

Do you use Aurigma multi-file uploader (requires Java plugin) or just single file uploader?


3. Posted by Sam I Am (Admin 5588 posts) 4y

The pictures you are uploading; are they the originals saved with the geotagged information, or is it exported in some way from picassa that means the geotagged information isn't being stored with the photo?

4. Posted by Sandalsand (Respected Member 45 posts) 4y

I can't remember which photos I had troubles with and can't find any logical reasons. Instead I now tried to upload two more geotagged pictures from Peru and sent one of them to Dmitry's mailbox. This time they came out properly geotagged in Travellerspoint, but with wrong "date taken" compared to Windows Explorer.

Also: There should have been six pictures from Peru in my country tag, only two come up.

More: One of the two comes up with an "Unnamed location", but the location is correct when
I take a closer look at the map. I have previously corrected this by moving it slightly. This causes the Google map to find a name for that positition and I can click "Done".

I usually use the bulk uploader but can't tell if that's the problem.

Sam's question: I don't think I understand. I do believe my photos are correctly exif-tagged, but many of the old ones are scanned.

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5. Posted by dyakhnov (Full Member 27 posts) 4y

Hi Sandalsand,

I think all issues should be fixed by now:

1. Date from photos will be extracted correctly from now. We were taking "Date/Time" field from EXIF previously, but now "Date/Time Original".

2. Location will be extracted correctly and proper country to be assigned automatically. Some bugs and performance issues were fixed along with this update.

I have run an update for all your photos, please check them again and let me know if some tuning is still required.


6. Posted by Sandalsand (Respected Member 45 posts) 4y

A: I looked into some of the countries and counted the number of pictures: The count and actual uploads were identical. Good.

B: I uploaded two more pictures and they came out right in regard to date and location.

Thank you so much! :):)

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