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Urgent: Any suggestion concerning a one-week trip in Sweden?

Travel Forums Europe Urgent: Any suggestion concerning a one-week trip in Sweden?

1. Posted by Soizpic (Budding Member 3 posts) 4y

I'm going to Sweden from April 28th to May 6th. I've been looking around and I haven't been able to find information that satisfies me. I first wondered if I would combine Sweden and Norway, but as my budget is limited, I think I'll stay in Sweden. I'll be travelling alone, so I'll stay in hostels. I love sport and nature, so I don't want to spend the whole week in Stockolm.
Any advice about places to stay, to visit, sports to do... are more than welcome.
Thanks a lot for your help.

2. Posted by staaleand (Full Member 30 posts) 4y

Sports and nature?
As for sports: Icehockey is rather big in Sweden. Football as well, but of course the best teams and games will be in the cities and larger towns.
Nature: You should have a chance of spring in Southern Sweden. Scania is beautiful if you like broad leaved forests and lakes.
Northern Sweden is more unpredictable. In the north you can experience "blue nights" , only twilight for a few hours, not darkness. On the other hand snow is melting, if unlucky you can hardly move outside roads, snow is too deep to walk, and too rotten to ski on.
I am not Swedish, so I have no detailed local knowledge, this is more general advice. Though, as a Norwegian, I think I know a little about Scandinavian climate.

Wish you a nice journey.