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What are your top cheapest destination in the world?

Travel Forums General Talk What are your top cheapest destination in the world?


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1. Posted by LesCrazy (Full Member 43 posts) 4y

Hi travellers and backpackers,

i have been a travel news article regarding the world's cheapest destination and they came up with these countries, Mexico, Greece, Burma, Thailand and Spain.

Do you agree with them or have you experienced other travel destinations which are cheaper as well? Share your thoughts and recommendation. Who knows, i could travel there based on your recommendation.

Lester :)

2. Posted by wizzmor1977 (Full Member 166 posts) 4y

1 word answer-Bolivia

3. Posted by Niels1303 (Full Member 131 posts) 4y

Personally I don´t really think it applies to Spain anymore. Just to give you an example from my point of you: until the 90´s many of my fellow german citizens spent their vacation in Spain because it offered a lot of bang for the buck, but since then the country has become more expensive so many go to Turkey or Croatia instead. The situation might have recently changed because of the difficult financial situation of the country but I´m sure there are still more affordable destinations.

4. Posted by LesCrazy (Full Member 43 posts) 4y

Thanks Wizzmor and Niels1303. i have just came back from a trip in China and it was really cheap compared to Taiwan and Hong Kong.


5. Posted by vjnaudy (Budding Member 6 posts) 4y

India and Nepal are also among the cheapest destination among the world.

6. Posted by Degolasse (Travel Guru 823 posts) 4y

India and Bolivia are the cheapest I've been to. However, India is quickly loosing it's status as the ultimate cheap destination. On a recent trip, I struggled to keep my daily budget within twice what I spent per day 8 years ago.

7. Posted by Utrecht (Moderator 5597 posts) 4y

Most of them have been mentioned: I agree with India and Bolivia.

Syria also is/was very cheap, although it's not really a destination you want to go to nowadays.
I found Georgia and Armenia to be cheap-ish for European destinations, although you have to avoid the big hotels!

8. Posted by TheDukes (Respected Member 4 posts) 4y

Just returned from Jordan and found it very good value for money. Given the plethora of great historical and natural sights, they cater for the top end, as well as the lower end traveller.

As a rule, I would recommend not to book accommodation as website tend to ask for more.

9. Posted by AvaC (Budding Member 14 posts) 4y

Croatia is cheap.

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